Joe Biden Spits on Christianity in His Latest Insane Social Commentary

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There are few bigger cultural issues being fought over right now than the medical transition of children under the guise of so-called “gender-affirming care.” The mainstream of the Democratic Party has now decided that chopping the breasts off young girls and chemically castrating young boys is not just a right, but a moral necessity.


Unfortunately, as RedState reported on Sunday, there are some (ostensibly) on the right who would rather make overwrought philosophical arguments than actually face this harmful scourage head-on. But if anyone doubts how serious the situation is, here’s the President of the United States arguing that it’s “sinful” to not mutilate children suffering from gender delusions.

You know, The Book of James has something to say about people who claim religious authority and then use it to promote abject evil. Without turning this into a theological lesson, let’s just say that nothing good happens to them. Biden probably ought to be a little more fearful of the God he claims to be a devout follower of, but clearly, he values his own hubris and political career more than eternity.

The president’s twisting of scripture to fit his far-left ideals is just disgusting. Christians across the world live out their faith and don’t treat their religion like a buffet, picking and choosing what to believe based on social pressures instead of divine guidance. Biden is spitting on all of them when he hysterically and inexplicably proclaims them to be sinners for not transitioning children to affirm what is obviously mental illness.


The Bible isn’t ambiguous about his creation of the sexes and what they mean. God does not put people in the wrong bodies. He doesn’t make mistakes regarding biological reality. There is no justification from a Christian perspective to support the transitioning, medical or otherwise, of children. Heck, there’s no justification for the transitioning of adults either.

If one’s religion is that malleable, then it’s not a religion at all. It’s just an accessory to one’s life that holds no value at all. The Biden family claims to be devout, but nothing about their public witness shows them to be. Instead, they bend to every insane, clearly sinful piece of ideology that the left throws in front of them, whether it’s radical abortion views or endorsing the abuse of children.

As I’ve said before, this is a battle worth fighting until the bitter end. Biden may be willing to spit on Christianity to push his political goals, but those opposed must stand strong in the face of whatever pressure there is to conform. There is no room to give up ground when it comes to protecting children. That is a basic tenant of decency and morality.


The current president is a morally depraved, deeply manipulative man. That much is clear, and no one should be afraid to say that out loud. This isn’t about showing respect for the office. It’s about speaking the truth even when people don’t want to hear it. If right-thinking and believing Americans can’t stand up against something as basic as not mutilating children, then there’s no point left to our governmental experiment.


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