BREAKING: Joe Biden Has 'Cancerous Tissue' Removed

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Talk about your Friday news dump. The White House has released a statement from Joe Biden’s doctor stating that the president had “cancerous tissue” removed.


The procedure occurred on February 16th but was not revealed to the public at the time. A biopsy came back and confirmed the “skin lesion” was cancerous.

As is typical with these statements from doctors vouching for politicians, the most positive spin is being put on the event. According to the president’s physician, no further treatment is required and Biden has healed “nicely.” I suspect that’ll be the official line from the White House going forward.

Still, point three in the statement seems to leave things a bit more ambiguous, noting that the type of cancer found does not “tend” to spread. Biden’s very advanced age also makes any medical situation possibly more complicated.

We’ll find out how happy the press is with the fact that this was kept secret for over two weeks. For being the “most transparent” administration in history, the Biden administration sure has a problem with transparency.


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