Leftists Disgustingly Accuse Jessa Duggar of Having an 'Abortion,' End up Telling on Themselves

The radical pro-abortion supporters are at it again. This time they are driving a disinformation campaign claiming that Jessa Duggar had an abortion. According to their claims, that not only happened, but it proves that conservative, pro-life Christians are massive hypocrites who utilize abortion for their own means while denying it to others.


Here’s a bit of what that looked like to provide context.

What’s the truth here? Well, the truth is that Duggar had a miscarriage through no choice of her own. After the baby’s passing, which no doubt was devastating for her, she had to have a dilation and curettage procedure, which removes any remaining tissue from the womb in order to prevent infection.

Many people pointed that out in the replies. Naturally, the pro-abortion zealots doubled down.

There are a lot of dumb talking points that emanate from the left. So much so that it’s hard to pick which one is the most insulting and nonsensical. The idea that a miscarriage and an elective abortion are the same things is certainly in the running, though.

A miscarriage is non-elective. Comparing that to elective abortion is like suggesting that blowing someone’s brains out is the equivalent of passing from cancer because both include a pronouncement of death. It’s such a ludicrous comparison as to be dismissed out of hand. But for argument’s sake, I won’t do that. Instead, let’s talk about the implications of liberals rushing to say that spontaneous, unwanted miscarriages are the same as elective abortion procedures.


Ask yourself, why do radical pro-abortionists want to make that comparison? Could it be because they feel a strident need to draw a moral equivalence? And if so, why would they need that moral equivalence if elective abortion is, in and of itself, moral?

We all know the answer to that. These people are telling on themselves by trying to conflate miscarriages with abortion. They know the latter is a moral abomination, and that’s why they feel as if they must justify it by lumping medically necessary D&Cs into the same category. But they are not the same, and common sense tells you they are not the same. If I have an arm removed because the tissue died due to cancer (or some other unchosen ailment), that is not the same as chopping off a perfectly healthy arm because I just don’t like my arm. It is morally wrong to self-harm. It is not morally wrong to save your life by removing dead tissue. Apples, let me introduce you to the oranges.

If abortion weren’t wrong, pro-abortion radicals wouldn’t have to try too hard to diminish what an elective abortion accomplishes. Besides, the insinuation is false anyway. I don’t know a single Republican who opposes medically necessary procedures to help women after they miscarry. There are zero laws that ban such, even in the reddest of states. So I’ve got good news for the pro-abortion left. You don’t have to worry about a D&C being available for those that actually need it through no choice of their own. Rest easy.



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