Fetterman's Abusers Pathetically Circle the Wagons After His Latest Health Emergency

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

John Fetterman is back in the hospital, this time for severe clinical depression. That came just a week after he was taken to the hospital for light-headedness possibly related to the massive stroke he had prior to his election.


The Pennsylvania senator checked himself into Walter Reed on Wednesday evening at the urging of his doctor, with his staff putting out a statement explaining that he has dealt with depression for years. That was yet another surprise about Fetterman’s health that wasn’t revealed during his campaign against Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman will apparently be in the hospital for “a few weeks,” and the wagons are already being circled by those who have shamelessly abused the man.

Yes, depression is very common after a stroke, which is why someone suffering from it should not be running for the US Senate. This isn’t complicated. As evidenced by his historically bad debate performance, Fetterman was not physically and mentally qualified to hold the position he was running for. The fact that he now has clinical depression is just another layer on top of what should have kept him out of the race to begin with.


Now is the time to tell the truth, not continue to defend Fetterman and those around him that are enabling his destruction for their own self-promotion. Instead, the press is trying to perpetuate the narrative that this is all normal.

John McCain passed away while in office, so maybe that’s not a comparison Rolling Stone should be making given it completely undermines their point. The other examples given by Dasha Burns are not actually in “context.” The context of all those incidents is that those people had serious health issues befall them after they ran for and attained office. None of them suffered a massive, permanently damaging stroke prior to their general election campaigns and hid the extent of their issues from voters.


What Fetterman did, backed by those enabling him, is a largely unprecedented, disgusting abuse of the electoral system. There is no comparison to Donald Trump getting COVID and going to Walter Reed for a few days. There isn’t even any comparison to Mark Kirk, who suffered his stroke while in office.

Further, it is painfully clear that Fetterman isn’t just one more trip to the hospital away from a full recovery (which was the case for some of those mentioned above). The liberal press wants to make it seem as if he’ll be back to normal in no time, but given Fetterman’s issues have only accelerated over the last year, that seems improbable at best.

In short, those who used Fetterman to attain political power seem perfectly fine with continuing to push him until something much worse happens than a flare-up of his clinical depression. This needs to stop, and he needs to resign.



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