Biden Official's Insanely Woke and Racial Tweets About Afghan Women Draw Mockery

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What exactly does the Charge d’Affaires to Afghanistan currently do? Apparently, she sits around on Twitter all day making insanely woke tweets.

Karen Decker, who has taken the place of a formal ambassador to the now-Taliban-controlled nation, drew mockery on Wednesday, after people began to discover her highly racial tweets citing “black girl magic” and suggesting that Afghan women need it.


It’s been said before and will no doubt be said again: Liberal white women are the worst. The absolute worst. You give a made-to-order Karen like Decker a copy of “White Fragility” and suddenly, she becomes a racial warrior. It’s embarrassing, so much so that even Adam Kinzinger was dragging her over it.

I’m pretty sure a lack of “black girl magic” isn’t what is holding back Afghan women. Rather, it’s an oppressive regime pointing AK-47s in their faces while forcing them to be confined to their homes. There is no hashtag movement that will overcome that. The only thing that will help Afghan women is a lot of men deciding they are willing to die to overthrow the Taliban government. Unfortunately, the fundamentalist nature of the country makes that highly unlikely.

It just seems pretty insulting to me to look at the horrific torture Afghan women are going through right now and to suggest all they lack is some Americanized racialization. Besides, the problems in Afghanistan aren’t racial. The world is complicated, far more complicated than leftwing ideology would have you believe.


But while Decker’s extremely silly post on “black girl magic” drew jeers, the rest of her timeline offers a goldmine of material.

Is there anything more cringe than dismissing the leadership of Abraham Lincoln in ending slavery as a way to signal virtue to modern race hustlers? It’s like a rite of passage for Karens everywhere. As to what it looks like for Afghans struggling to be heard, it looks like nothing because the comparison is dumb. Afghans suffer under a totalitarian regime driven by Islamic extremism. That bears no resemblance to whatever modern racial struggles exist in America.

Decker’s social media presence is like a woke predictive text, so much so that I thought it was a parody account at first. Even better, we all get to pay her salary to be a liaison for a country we have no diplomatic ties with. What a great use of taxpayer funds.


Is it any wonder we lost the war over there given these were the types of people in charge? Before assuming her current role, Decker served in various other positions in Afghanistan, including embassy operations. The result? A total collapse of the former government and millions of women being enslaved. Yet she, just like the military leaders who screwed the pooch, gets to keep her job. What a sweet gig.


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