Pentagon Confirms Shot-Down Objects Aren't Balloons, Makes an Even Weirder Admission

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Alright, maybe I was too quick to dismiss the possibility of aliens.

The Pentagon gave a briefing on Sunday evening after yet another unidentified flying object was shot down, this time in US airspace over Lake Huron. Reports began to circulate that the object was an “octagon” and that it didn’t appear to be a balloon.


That set off some speculation that the recent rash of UFOs were balloons, likely from China, but that they were simply shaped differently than one would expect. In a pretty shocking statement, though, Gen. Glen VanHerck made it clear that’s not the view of the US military.

The UFOs not being balloons would be crazy enough, but things get even weirder when you hear a top US general admit that we don’t even know what is keeping these objects in the air. I’d think they did ample recon on whatever it was before shooting it down, including taking detailed pictures. I’d also think that the US military has the capability to identify pretty much anything China or another nation could throw at us.

So maybe it is aliens?

Okay, probably not. But things are getting a little disconcerting. Whatever these objects are, there are a lot of them, and there has to be a reason for them. If it’s China, are they testing US defense capabilities? And if they are, that leads to the obvious question of why they are testing them. Further, did China shoot down its own craft over Rizhao to keep up the ruse?


And what about the object itself? Do the Chicoms have some super-secret propulsion technology we are just now finding out about? That would be pretty hard to believe given the reach of US intelligence. Besides, even if the Chinese did have some yet-to-be-named technology we haven’t seen before, I highly doubt they’d send it over to the continental United States to be fodder for USAF fighter pilots. There’s so much that just doesn’t make sense here.

On second thought, it’s probably just aliens.


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