Kamala Harris Gets Uncomfortably Excited About Electric School Buses

AP Photo/Abbie Parr

Kamala Harris really, really likes electric school buses. In fact, they seem to be the only thing that excites her more than talking about Venn diagrams.

For years now, the vice president has given public speeches extolling the wonders of the completely unremarkable vehicles. It doesn’t matter that public buses in general are often an inefficient waste of taxpayer money, nor does it matter that spending hours a day commuting on buses constitutes a waste of human productivity. Harris loves those big long things, and she wants you to know it.


Besides, did you know that you can charge your phone on them?

Why does she sound like she’s about to burst out into full-blown laughter? Does she really find her spill about charging one’s phone on an electric bus that hilarious? I often wonder exactly who is writing these speeches and whether they are purposely trying to make her look ridiculous because when I watch that, I have to do my best to not cringe.

Of course, her excitement is justified given you could never charge your phone or use the internet while riding in a gas-powered vehicle. Those are totally novel features only made possible by the use of child slaves in Africa mining cobalt, so Western elites can feel like they are saving the planet. Conversely, those are things we’ve all been doing in our cars for many years and that no vice president should be gushing about.

Here’s my question about all this. If electric buses are so amazing, why does the federal government need to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money to fund their procurement? I mean, I’m not even outright dismissing the idea that electric buses may be the future, but if they are, then they should have no problem gaining popularity on their own. Further, if they truly save money as claimed, then I’m sure cities will be jumping at the chance to upgrade.


I suspect there’s more to the story, though. While environmental groups and leftwing outlets have flooded the zone with studies supposedly proving how amazing electric buses are, the constant full-court press by the White House makes me think the math isn’t quite as rosy as they assert. It also makes me think more than a few politicians are financially benefiting from their adoption.



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