WATCH: Trans Activists Storm Oklahoma Capitol Because Mutilating Kids Is Just That Important to Them

Trans activists occupy the Oklahoma Capitol Building to protest the protection of minors from "gender-affirming" surgeries (2/6/23). (Credit: Jack Pobosiec/Twitter)

I’ve got some news. Storming government buildings is good again, at least if you are a purple-haired trans activist stumping for the cultivation of children.


The scene happened on Monday in Oklahoma after a large group of “Trans Lives Matter” protesters occupied the state’s Capitol Building. Videos of the incident went viral, showing the chanting horde demanding that lawmakers not do things like mandate schools notify parents when children “transition” their gender.

There are times when all I can do is laugh at the absurdity of what our society has become. This is one of those times.

Look at the people in those videos and ask yourself whether their outrage is genuine or whether they got caught up in a social contagion while desperately looking for affirmation and acceptance they didn’t previously receive. Perhaps that’s a commentary on the failures of families and the unkindness of the world. Still, the answer is not to farcically “change” genders and push for the mutilation of children in order to make yourself better about your deranged life choices.

It’s one thing for adults to mess up their lives. There might be room for some sympathy if that were all this is, but the game changes when those same adults organize against something as simple as notifying a parent if their child starts saying they are the opposite sex (or any number of other non-existent trans classifications). These are no longer just misguided individuals. They are perpetrating an ideology that says young girls should chop off their breasts and that boys should chemically castrate themselves in order to be their “true” selves. There’s no room to leave the gloves on in that kind of battle.


Can we also talk about the hypocrisy here? The majority of people arrested on January 6th did not fight the police. They did not even damage any property. Rather, their “crime” was trespassing, and that includes many who never even entered the actual Capitol Building. Yet, the left has insisted every single prosecution related to January 6th, no matter how petty, is righteous.

Apparently, that standard goes out the window the moment trans activists take over a Capitol Building in Oklahoma, though. You aren’t allowed to call it an insurrection despite the intent of this protest being to disrupt the legislative proceedings going on inside the chamber. There are many other examples over the years as well, from the occupying of the Senate office building during the Kavanaugh hearings to Democrats forcing their way into the Wisconsin Capitol Building during Scott Walker’s tenure. The left would have no standards if it didn’t have double standards.


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