BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Officially Gets the Boot

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

And just like that, Democrats have learned what consequences are.

After a heated and largely hysterical fight on the House floor, Rep. Ilhan Omar has been removed from the House Foreign Affairs committee. The controversial congresswoman was booted over her long, largely unapologetic history of anti-Semitic comments. She has also harmed relations with Israel, a key American ally, falsely accusing the Jewish nation of being an “apartheid state.”


Despite comments from multiple Republicans that they were against removing Omar, all the dissenters apparently changed their minds. That includes Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Ken Buck, both of which criticized Speaker Kevin McCarthy for his plan to oust Omar. It’ll be interesting to learn what caused their change of heart.

Whatever it was, it’s clear that McCarthy is far more in control of the caucus than originally thought, and he’s shown himself to be an effective whip. It’s also clear that Republicans seem somewhat unified in making Democrats play by the rules Nancy Pelosi instituted during the last Congress. That’s a welcome development for the somewhat discouraged base of the party.



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