FBI Agents Swarm Joe Biden's Beach House as the Slow Roll Continues

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The slow roll of Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal continued on Wednesday morning after it was revealed that the FBI was swarming the president’s Rehobeth Beach home.


Instead of a leak or announcement by the DOJ, Biden’s White House counsel was allowed to deliver the news via a statement extolling their supposed cooperation and transparency in the matter.

Well, isn’t that nice? The DOJ is just so deferential and amiable when dealing with a Democrat president. They’ve allowed Biden to schedule and consent to every FBI search so far, and what a coincidence, it just so happens that the president and his team were allowed to stay at the beach house in question the weekend before this “search.”

Maybe Merrick Garland and his do-nothing special counsel will prove me wrong, but so far, this feels like the government is purposely positioning itself one step behind. I couldn’t think of a better way to make this all go away than to allow the administration time to sanitize the situation before being allowed to do what law enforcement is supposed to do.

Where are the search warrants and surprise raids? And why is this latest search only taking place now when the Penn Biden Center was searched in November? Are we supposed to believe it just dawned on the DOJ that maybe they should search the other place Biden is constantly at besides his Wilmington-based home?


I don’t buy how this is all going down. The DOJ is playing patty-cake with the White House in ways they never would do with a Republican, and they are doing so specifically to provide an out. A real investigation wouldn’t be asking permission to search Biden’s beach house after the president was allowed to spend the week prior there. A real investigation would have moved in months ago and without notice to ensure the integrity of the search.

The timeline here is also not coincidental from a political standpoint. It definitely feels like this is being slow-walked in order to soften the blow. The press is being given little snippets that barely make the news cycle when just about everything we’ve learned over the last month could have been disclosed all at once (this latest search notwithstanding). A scandal seems less serious when it comes out as small drips that can all be glossed over and dismissed.

Regardless, we’ll soon find out if the FBI found anything at Biden’s beach house. If they do, that too will no doubt be swept under the rug as no big deal.


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