Joe Biden Goes Full Creeper on a Reporter, Makes Absolutely No Sense

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

What is wrong with Joe Biden? I mean that somewhat rhetorically but also somewhat literally. Why does he act the way he does in public? Is it just the senility? Or has he always been a creepy old man?


On Tuesday, the president added another instance to the list of his very odd (at best) behavior. While walking into the White House, he was asked a question by a reporter about the coming end of the COVID-19 emergency (which is scheduled for May 11th because of The Science™).

Instead of just answering it, Biden gives a weirdly psychotic-looking smile, walks over to the reporter, and grabs her hand…and he doesn’t let go.

He’s like the “close talker” from that Seinfeld episode.

Touching women in ways that aren’t normal in polite society has been a trend throughout Biden’s political career. He has zero respect for personal space, and it comes across as his way of trying to dominate people. Sometimes his intrusions happen when he’s provoked by a question. Other times, he makes his move unannounced and on the fly.

I’d list out all the examples over the years, but this article would end up being the length of an encyclopedia. We all know about the sniffing of young girls and inappropriate touching. The hand grab has also become one of his go-to moves. In August of last year, he grabbed the hand of a US Senator and didn’t let it go for half a minute as she stood there awkwardly trying to figure out what was going on.

Do you know how many women I’ve walked up to and just randomly grabbed in my life? The answer is zero because that’s not something a normal man does. That this was a reporter in a professional setting makes it even more inappropriate. And rest assured, if Donald Trump had touched a reporter in that way, even with the best of intentions, we’d have had a week-long news cycle about how he physically assaulted someone.


But I digress, putting the grabbing aside, Biden also managed to make zero sense, getting the date wrong on his COVID-19 emergency ending and suggesting the Supreme Court had something to do with it.

If the press corps is going to put up with this stuff, though, then I guess that’s their prerogative. When Biden isn’t berating them or grabbing them, he’s refusing to do press conferences for months (years?) at a time while the White House press secretary lies to reporters in the daily briefings. If that hasn’t been enough to get them to drop the sycophantic treatment of Biden, nothing will be.


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