Joe Biden Has a Whale of a Time Trying to Explain the Latest Aid to Ukraine

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

If you follow the news, including here at RedState, you’ve probably heard that the United States is sending 31 Abrams tanks over to Ukraine. That’s part of a multi-country transfer that includes Leopard tanks from Germany as well.


For some reason, Joe Biden felt the need to meander out the podium to announce the move. He really shouldn’t have. He had a whale of a time trying to get through his prepared remarks.

Watching him speak is like watching a chimpanzee on crack try to balance a plate on its head. The president has a knack for making even the most basic things seem difficult. In this case, while delivering extremely important remarks on foreign policy, he manages to accuse Ukraine of “brutal aggression.”

But like most of these clips of Biden, you really have to watch them to get the full effect. After his misspeak, he seems to tail off physically. What is up with his eyes? I know he’s a nearly 80-year-old man, but they are the size of raisins and show no white. He also just seems tired to the extreme, doesn’t he? Perhaps the drug cocktail he no doubt receives every morning hadn’t kicked in yet?

As expected, Biden wasn’t done yet, though (how many times have I typed that over the years?). While the above flub could have been brushed aside, he then fully melted down trying to address Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.


This is a “mistake” that Biden has made multiple times over the years (see here and here). Apparently, it’s really difficult for a President of the United States to remember the name and the appointed position of what should be one of his closest cabinet members. Could it be because he’s just a figurehead that doesn’t actually lead his administration? Nah, couldn’t be. That’s just crazy talk on my part.

Every time I write a piece like this, and that seems like at least once a week because of Biden’s condition, I just can’t imagine he’s actually going to run for re-election in 2024. This is a man who struggles to get through reading just a few minutes of prewritten remarks. How in the world is he going to run an actual campaign?

I realize the response will be that he doesn’t have to after his basement strategy in 2020 worked, but I don’t think that’s true. Because he’s now got a horrible record to defend and the veneer is off his “old Joe bringing back norms” routine, I think he does actually have to have some presence if he runs again. He’s not capable of it, and a lot of Democrats realize that as well.



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