'The View' Excuses Biden's Probable Crimes With Eye-Crossing Tales of Golden Toilets

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You can always count on “The View” to deliver the dumbest takes, and the show did not disappoint on Friday. While discussing Joe Biden’s probable crimes related to classified documents found at his home and at the Chinese-backed Penn Biden Center, the roundtable of women dug deep to offer up excuses. Those excuses ranged from silly to wildly conspiratorial.


As RedState reported, the ladies have already floated the idea that Donald Trump somehow planted the documents. Now, Sunny Hostin wants you to know that the reason the White House misled the press (i.e. lied) about the classified documents schedule is that it was the holidays. She also has thoughts on gold toilets that we’ll get to.

At a table that includes Joy Behar, it’s really hard to be the vapidest member of the group, and yet, Hostin manages to make the competition not even close. I have no idea how she became a lawyer, but she seems to be about as sharp as a well-used butter knife. But hey, let’s assume there was actually some thought behind what she’s asserting.

To begin, the first trove of documents was “found” on November 3rd, 2022. That’s way before “Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.” Even the second one, located at Biden’s personal residence, was “found” on December 20th. Again, there was plenty of time for the White House to be honest about what was happening. Further, the White House did not just wait until after the holidays to say something. They only said something after the details of classified documents were leaked to the press. Otherwise, the administration was seemingly content to keep covering up the president’s transgressions.


This idea that the White House was upfront about this is false, and that makes Hostin’s claim false. Never to be outdone, though, she then announced that Donald Trump had kept documents in a “gold toilet.” To be sure, that’s not a thing that ever happened. In fact, that was a baseless conspiracy theory, complete with fake pictures, that spread on leftwing Twitter for a while. I’d guess that’s where Hostin got it from.

Regardless, the continual bringing up of Trump shows you that these women have nothing to actually offer in the way of defending Biden. They know he did wrong, and the only way they can try to excuse him is to say that the orange man is worse. That’s irrelevant, though. The law is the law, and Trump’s case will be adjudicated on its own.

That leads me to Ana Navarro’s commentary. The left’s cope over Biden having classified documents continues to be that he is “cooperating.” Again, that’s irrelevant. The law does not require intent, it simply requires “gross negligence.” I’d also say that one has to be incredibly gullible to look at the timing of all this and believe that all this is happenstance. Biden just happens to “find” these documents and report them, waiting until after the mid-terms to make it public? Yeah, I bet.


I’ll end by noting that “The View” is an ABC News property. Is anyone in charge over there ever going to experience enough embarrassment to rein things in?


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