60 Minutes Casually Promotes Genocidal Ideology

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Just when you thought 60 Minutes couldn’t go any lower.

The legacy investigative reporting show has been on quite the run over the last several years. Who can forget Lesley Stahl chastizing Donald Trump for telling the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Or the show’s ridiculous, false hit piece on Ron DeSantis? Mix in a little Holocaust denial, and you get the idea. 60 Minutes has become an absolute dumpster fire.


But I guess the show’s producers weren’t content with burning what little credibility they had left to the ground because on Sunday, they took the ashes and spread them into the wind.

I suppose nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to the legacy press, but this is just astonishing. Paul Ehrlich is the completely discredited hack who has been pushing the “population bomb” for the last 55 years, a genocidal ideology that supposes humanity needs to be culled for the Earth to survive.

And lest anyone quibbles with my use of the term “genocidal,” make no mistake that Ehrlich’s “solutions” are exactly that. Millions upon millions of people would die if they ceased their current standard of living as he suggests, specifically those in poorer nations. That’s made worse by the fact that everything he has predicted has been wrong for over five decades. In other words, Ehrlich would have millions of people die unnecessarily, and 60 Minutes decided to platform him anyway.


Here are just a few examples of Ehrlich’s lunatic predictions falling flat.

What’s ironic is that none of what Ehrlich predicted has happened largely because humans did the opposite of what he demanded. He has long promoted an end to the modern standard of living, but it is that standard of living that has saved millions of people from starvation who would have otherwise perished. Still, 60 Minutes treats him as an expert on the matter, not even pushing back on how wrong he’s been over the years.

There’s something psychotic about that decision. It’s as if 60 Minutes wants there to be an overpopulation problem so it can continue to push its harmful, pointless green agenda at all costs. That was further illustrated by something else Scott Pelley, the interviewer who put the segment together, let slide.

When you are married to a radical ideology with one desired outcome, all of history must be twisted to fit the narrative. The extinction of the California Grizzly Bear happened a century ago and had nothing to do with overpopulation, but Pelley included the claim in his segment anyway.


We see that same dynamic in regard to the topic of climate change constantly as well. Everything is climate change so as to support the narrative. Too few hurricanes? Climate change. Too many hurricanes? Climate change. Too much snow? Climate change. Too little snow? Climate change. Too much rain? Climate change. Too little rain? Climate change.

60 Minutes truly has no shame. It’s a terrible show that has allowed political partisanship to destroy a once-respected brand. Perhaps that’s for the best, though. It’s better they out themselves than continue to hide behind a facade of objectivity.


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