Lesley Stahl Slammed for Tone-Deaf 60 Minutes Interview With Iranian Leader

Pavel Bednyakov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

Sunday’s 60 Minutes episode is the gift that just keeps on giving, with much of the focus being on Joe Biden’s mind-bending performance. As RedState reported, the president left his handlers scrambling after answers on Taiwan, inflation, and the COVID-19 pandemic. But while Scott Pelley did his best to guide Biden through their disastrous exchanges, Lesley Stahl decided to offer some competition in the race to be the hack interviewer at 60 Minutes.


She sat down with Iranian “President” Ebrahim Raisi and the propaganda flowed like milk and honey, but rhetorically and visually.

In this first clip, Raisi is asked about his views on the Holocaust and whether it happened. The “president” then goes on a tangent about how it’s a great mystery that needs to be investigated. In other words, he’s denying the slaughter of millions of Jews and other ethnic minorities by the Nazi regime. What is Stahl’s response? She simply moves on to the next question. There’s not even a hint of pushback.

That’s quite the contrast in interview style to Stahl’s now infamous sit-down with Donald Trump. In the end, Stahl and her team were so dishonest in their editing that the former president had to release the full tape himself to set the record straight.

Regardless, why would Stahl treat Raisi with such deference? The answer is simply that she does not want to harm the Biden administration’s attempts to work out a new nuclear deal. 60 Minutes is a partisan outfit that exists to attempt to destroy Republicans. But an Iranian leader who denies the Holocaust and whose regime just murdered a woman for not wearing a hijab gets kid gloves.


The visual of Stahl bending the knee and herself wearing a hijab wasn’t lost on people either.

Right now, Iranians are protesting Raisi and the rest of the leadership in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini, a woman who was arrested and murdered for not wearing a head-covering. Not only does Stahl not ask about that incident, but she gives credence to the very law that led to that death by doing what the Iranians wanted and dawning a hijab. How tone-deaf must she be to think that was a good decision?

Couple that with Stahl’s general lack of knowledge about anything she was asking, and you get a disastrous interview that only served as a propaganda boon for a terrorist state.

At some point, basic moral decency should override the desire to land an interview. Stahl should have canned this thing the moment she was given the condition of having to cover her head. That she didn’t do so does not speak well of her, especially since we all know that she would have gone knives out interviewing any Republican.


60 Minutes really needs to rethink things, from who they are employing to who how they choose to do these interviews. I mean, they won’t, but man is that a show that has fallen far.


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