Elon Musk Talks Conspiracy Theories and Absolutely Nails It

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Christmas has passed, and we now enter that weird period where one can’t be sure if it’s acceptable to keep playing Jingle Bells and Let It Snow or not. Surely, we get until New Year’s, right? But I digress, it also means back to the political grind, and Elon Musk provided some material over the holiday weekend.


Appearing on a podcast, the Twitter owner addressed the recent “Twitter Files” controversy and provided a moment of vindication for conservatives.

I don’t know how many articles I wrote over the years talking about the partisan censorship regime that was taking place on Twitter. I also don’t know how many times I was shouted down on Twitter by mainstream media hacks telling me the sky wasn’t blue. In both cases, it was a lot, and it was a frustrating period because the actions being taken were obvious, but in many cases, they weren’t quantifiable without having access to the internals of Twitter.

Musk purchasing the site changed all that, and finally, there’s vindication for conservatives who weren’t afraid to say that water is indeed wet. The internal documents released have shown that Twitter did coordinate with the government to quash speech. It did shadowban conservative accounts, usually for completely unjustifiable reasons, and it did influence an election by making up a reason to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

As Musk says, essentially every “conspiracy theory” that the right pushed about Twitter in the last several years turned out to be true. Yet, in some ways, it all feels like too little, too late. Looking at Twitter today is a bit like looking at a crime scene after you know the killer has already fled to Mexico to drink piña coladas on a beach.


The press won’t even report on all the revelations in the “Twitter Files,” but more frustrating is that the political damage is already done. Joe Biden ended up in the White House and nothing can change that. It’s the same dynamic that was in play when Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes during the 2012 presidential election. “It worked” has become the official motto of the left. They’ll do anything to gain power knowing that whatever they do will lead to zero consequences.

In the case of Twitter, some wealthy executives lost their jobs, but there were no apologies, and despite everything that we’ve learned about what was happening, the same people continue to double down on the same lies. That political censorship is still happening on Facebook and other sites isn’t heartening either. Once again, conservatives won a war but only after the cities had been nuked.



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