Another 2024 Prospect Attacks Ron DeSantis and Shows the Establishment Has Learned Zero Lessons

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Another possible 2024 prospect is speaking publicly and showing everyone that the establishment has learned zero lessons. New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu, who refused to help his party by running for Senate in the last mid-term (he would have won easily in his state), spoke to CBS News on Wednesday, taking multiple shots at Gov. Ron DeSantis.


And while he claims otherwise in the same interview, Sununu is absolutely looking to run for president. All these national media hits are not by chance. He’s also been bragging that donors have approached him about funding his campaign infrastructure. In other words, he’s gearing up, biding his time for an announcement next summer.

With that said, here’s what Sununu had to say.

When asked about how DeSantis has clashed with some companies in Florida over social issues, Sununu said he has a “very different approach” to dealing with private companies.

“Private businesses are private businesses,” Sununu said. “We have the live-free’or-die attitude when it comes to things like that… I don’t believe in battling corporations at all. I believe in empowering them because they hire America. They drive the economy.”

Earlier this year, DeSantis sparred with Walt Disney Co. over Disney executives’ concerns about DeSantis’ policies affecting education and LGBTQ protections. That confrontation included DeSantis’ opposition to Disney’s special tax status in the state and its classification as an “independent special district.”

“Having [culture] war battles, I’ll just say, is definitely something we don’t do here in New Hampshire,” he said. “I don’t think it should be done. And I don’t think it’s a very Republican value.”


It’s just astonishing to see Republicans in 2022 still speak like it’s 2005. Private businesses are not just private businesses when they take huge subsidies from taxpayers. If companies actively seek to work against the people who fund them, the people have the right to take that funding away. That’s what happened in Florida with Disney. DeSantis didn’t ask for that battle. He was confronted with it by a massive corporation that refused to stay out of the political arena.

Republican voters are sick and tired of being useful idiots for companies that spit on them. Sen. Tom Cotton recently took the proper stance when he told Kroger’s woke CEO, who was asking for protection from Democrat policies, to pound sand. We do not owe these corporations our servitude when they are actively working against our interests. The Chamber of Commerce chose its side, funding Democrat campaigns in the last three cycles, and they should be made to suffer the consequences.

Regardless, let’s put aside arguments over how involved the government should be legislatively and just talk about the idea of not fighting “culture war battles.” Does Sununu really see no value in fighting to protect children who are being literally mutilated in the name of transgender ideology? Does he think teaching Critical Race Theory in schools won’t have profoundly negative effects on society long-term?


This idea that Republicans can simply disengage from the culture, allowing it to further collapse, and all will be fine because we still have cheap crap from China is farcical. It’s an attitude that doesn’t even begin to play among the current GOP, and it’s why Sununu has zero shot in 2024 if he ultimately runs.

Further, can we just talk about how strategically dumb it is to attack DeSantis if the goal is to nominate someone other than Trump? Forget whether Trump should be the nominee. Sununu and his people like him claim they want to move on, and their plan to accomplish that is to attack the one guy who could possibly beat Trump in the primary?

The hubris of the establishment never ceases to amaze me. They say they want one thing and then do everything they can to prevent that thing from happening. Sununu should have run for Senate. That was his chance to advance politically. He has no chance in 2024, and his entry into the race would just unnecessarily muddy the water. Republican voters do not want a weak-kneed nominee who supports abortion and thinks the culture war is a distraction and not the point.



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