Ronna McDaniel Promotes Her Own Ouster in Delusional Rant on National TV

Ronna McDaniel continues to make the case for why she must be ousted as RNC chair, even if unintentionally. Appearing on Fox News on Wednesday, McDaniel delusionally ranted that “our ground game worked” while bragging that the GOP flipped the House of Representatives.


Here she is insulting your intelligence, showing not an ounce of contrition.

As my election post-mortem laid out, the 2022 mid-terms were an unmitigated disaster for the Republican Party. One of the most favorable electoral environments in decades was squandered to the tune of actually losing seats in the Senate (made official by Herschel Walker’s run-off loss on Tuesday) and picking up the slimmest of majorities in the House.

Was that majority in the House the result of McDaniel’s great work? Of course, it wasn’t. Rather, it was produced by two things. In New York, Lee Zeldin, with little support from the national party, overperformed in his race for governor. That helped flip four congressional seats that otherwise might have gone to the Democrats.

The other factor was Florida, where Ron DeSantis fought tooth and nail against his own GOP legislature to ensure a good map for Republicans when they were trying to wave the white flag. That along with DeSantis’ nearly 20-point win for re-election helped deliver 3-4 extra congressional seats.

Those were the game-changers for the Republicans in the House. It was not McDaniel’s ridiculous spam emails or her flights on private jets that did it, and for her to try to take credit is infuriating. Besides, what exactly about the RNC’s ground game “worked?” I mean, yes, some people voted Republican, but the ground game as a deciding factor was a complete failure. The GOP didn’t see the shifts in early voting it needed, and the outcome of the election speaks for itself.


McDaniel is a woman fiddling while the Republican Party burns, and it would be unconscionable to keep her in the position she holds after what happened on Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted her fired before election day because the RNC’s fundraising tactics are predatory and harmful, but to see her put on this happy-face nonsense, essentially congratulating herself, after Herschel Walker’s loss is grating to the extreme.

Every single time McDaniel appears in public, she makes the case for her own ouster. The record is what the record is, and no amount of gaslighting will change that. She has not overseen a successful election since taking power, and people are suffering because of it. And while the RNC is not the only problem with the GOP, it’s one that can be quickly rectified. If the voting members choose to keep McDaniel in place after all this, they deserve to lose in 2024 as much as they did in 2022. The choice is in their hands.



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