Joe Biden Does a Shocking U-Turn on Saudi Arabia

Bandar Aljaloud/Saudi Royal Palace via AP

When Joe Biden came into office, he promised to make Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (commonly referred to as “MBS”) a “pariah” on the world stage. That was in response to the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Muslim Brotherhood acolyte that also moonlit as a “journalist” for The Washington Post.


That’s what makes the Biden administration’s latest move so peculiar. In what is a pretty shocking u-turn, they are now offering public support for MBS, saying that he has legal immunity from any lawsuits related to the act.

We can chalk this up to another situation where Biden’s rhetoric turned out to be nothing but hot air. As I’ve said many times, he’s the 24-year-old who would show up to a high school prom to brag about his exploits. Biden is Forrest Gump but nothing he says is actually true. He always puts himself at the center of the story as a fighter ready to take on injustice. In the end, he’s always revealed to just be another useless, big-talking politician who wouldn’t know principle if it punched him in the face.

Then there’s the energy crisis Biden has helped propagate that has also made this capitulation to MBS necessary. Because he’s essentially shut down new federal leases (shouting about doing so again just prior to the mid-terms) and has declared war on the oil companies, OPEC is more powerful than ever. Their recent production cut has left Biden scrambling to keep the oil flowing, and one of those is playing nice with the Saudis after previously trashing them.


It’s pathetic, but it has to happen because the president’s policies have been so disastrous. It’s also a complete betrayal of Biden’s biggest allies: The mainstream media.

You’ll be surprised to learn that The Washington Post, which waged a crusade against Donald Trump for being nice to MBS, is completely silent (as of this writing) on Biden going much further in protecting the Saudi crown prince.

All the journalists were too busy on Thursday evening saying their goodbyes on Twitter, convinced the site was going to shut down because some ex-employees cried to Reuters, to comment on Biden’s turn. That really shows you where their priorities are, doesn’t it? When Trump is in office, they are warriors fighting the good fight, ever hurtling toward justice. When Biden is in office, they suddenly lose their will to speak out. How weird and completely unexpected.


In the end, Biden playing nice with the Saudis is the right move. The US is facing a diesel shortage and the last thing we need is further issues on the energy front. Still, it’s worth noting how hypocritical these people are, especially when they use their hypocrisy to get elected to high office.


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