Ben Sasse Going to University of Florida Sends Left-Wing Students Into Orbit

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

Who knew that a boilerplate Republican like Ben Sasse could produce so much anger from the left? Yet the announcement that Sasse is set to become the next president of the University of Florida has done just that.


As RedState previously reported, Sasse is set to retire from the US Senate to take the job and could be moving on as early as December. But the senator isn’t getting a warm welcome, at least not from some of the students at the university. Videos are now coming out of a protest that took place on Monday demanding Sasse be denied the position.

In the video, students chant “hey hey, ho ho, Ben Sasse has got to go,” which leaves me begging the left to please come up with another protest jingle. They’ve been wearing that one out for decades, including adapting it to this past summer’s protests that took place outside the houses of conservative Supreme Court justices. Do these radicals not have an original bone in their body? Isn’t there a music department on campus they could consult with to write something new? If you are going to protest, at least raise the quality a bit.


But I digress, while these lunatics went wild, I couldn’t help but be struck by how childish their behavior is. These are supposedly the next generation of American leaders and professionals, but they get sent into orbit over a large do-nothing, fairly uncontroversial GOP senator. I’d hate to imagine how they’d react if some former Donald Trump official was coming to work there.

Really, what exactly is so triggering about Sasse? The guy voted to convict Trump during his second impeachment trial. He hasn’t sponsored any legislation that could be considered controversial. Heck, his rhetoric is typically more firey toward Republicans he doesn’t like than it is toward Democrats.

Democrats simply can’t handle dissent, not even on the most marginal of scales. They seek to destroy and silence anyone who would disagree with them. That’s the result of having the emotional intelligence of a five-year-old. These students have spent their entire lives not having to be challenged and not having to answer for their own positions. The moment someone enters the scene who might do that, hysteria follows.


Making the left-wing response even dumber, though, is the reality that Sasse is not taking a political position. It’s not like he’s going to ban students from getting abortions while lowering the taxes of the campus’ top wage earners. The entire hubbub is ridiculous, which is pretty much what you’d expect when any part of the left gets involved.

Hopefully, UF won’t fold here. It would be a terrible look to let out-of-control, partisan students dictate the direction and future of the university. That’s especially true given the broader student body may not agree.


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