NBC News Targets Disturbing Fetterman Videos, Tries to Get Them Censored

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In a completely expected development, the press appears to be circling the wagons around John Fetterman, and NBC News is carrying the water this time.

As RedState reported on Wednesday, the Democrat senate candidate in Pennsylvania finally agreed to a debate, but it won’t occur until October 25th, includes a number of provisions for Fetterman, and will only last 60 minutes. Mehmet Oz has continued to demand an early debate that doesn’t happen a month after early voting begins.


Fetterman’s game is clear. He’s trying to run out the clock because he’s mentally incompetent and unable to actually fulfill the duties of the office he’s running for. On Sunday, Fetterman decided to hold a pro-abortion rally on the anniversary of 9/11, and the videos from the event demonstrated that perfectly.

Those videos formed the basis of NBC News’ claims, which we’ll get to in short order, but first, here they are so everyone can see the context.

After Greg Price posted those videos, NBC News decided to write a report about how they were “doctored” to “exacerbate” Fetterman’s “speech issues.” As I’ve said before, his pauses and mixing up of words are clearly a result of stunted mental processing, not just a speech impediment. So even that description is false by NBC News. Regardless, here’s Price sharing what happened with the receipts.


Here are the facts. The second video posted by Price came from TikTok. It does have some of the crowd noise removed, which changes nothing about what is coming out of Fetterman’s mouth. Still, the first video is simply a supercut, which is a completely normal thing done in politics. News broadcasts use them constantly. It is not “doctoring” a video to edit together numerous clips of someone speaking. NBC News’ use of that term is clearly meant to convey that Fetterman’s issues are being made up. What’s there is real, though, and completely indicative of his condition.

But to make this so much worse, NBC News then went to TikTok and “flagged” the videos, getting them removed. In other words, you have a national news organization doing the bidding of a Democrat candidate in Pennsylvania to get accurate videos censored. They also tried to get them pulled from Twitter as well, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Meanwhile, NBC News apparently ignored all the other videos out there showing Fetterman’s inability to speak. They also didn’t even bother to post the “real videos” as a counter to the ones they claim are doctored. Why didn’t they? Because they’d be the same videos, showing the same thing.


The shamelessness of the media knows no bounds. They are simply Democrat operatives doing their best to get their political allies elected. Fetterman needs to be pressed and questioned as a candidate, not protected, and it’s ridiculous that supposedly unbiased news networks are working overtime to hide his condition, including trying to censor content. This is what Republicans have to put up with, and it’s a wonder any of them ever get elected when the deck is this stacked.


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