Oz Drops a Perfect Troll After Fetterman Refuses to Debate

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Is Mehmet Oz finally hitting his stride in Pennsylvania? It kind of feels like it after John Fetterman officially refused to show up for the first debate.

As RedState reported, Fetterman went from hyped “meme-lord” to helpless victim in the blink of an eye, crying foul that Oz made fun of him for not committing to the debate. The Democrat then used that attack as an excuse to stay in the basement, claiming that Oz wasn’t taking the process “seriously.” Yes, the same guy whose entire campaign has consisted of mentions of “New Jersey” and vegetable jokes is suddenly concerned about taking things seriously.


Of course, everyone paying attention to the race knows the real reason Fetterman isn’t debating is that he can’t. The lingering effects of his stroke are uncomfortable to witness, and there’s no way to know whether he ever really improves further. Certainly, there’s no way he could stand up for two hours and answer questions. In fact, Fetterman has not answered a single question from a reporter during the general election.

Given the media’s immediate pivot to proclaim Fetterman’s health off-limits, Oz could have easily pulled back. He hasn’t done so, though, and today he unleashed a perfect troll using the Democrat’s own words against him.

Here’s the original tweet put out by Fetterman back in February that now graces Oz’s Twitter banner.


As they say, there’s always a tweet, and seeing Fetterman proclaim how important debates are in contrast to his recent decision to chicken out makes quite the impression. He’s your classic tough-talker who is nothing but a weakling in real life. The Democrat loves to be presented as exceptionally witty and likable via his highly scripted social media feeds, but he couldn’t last five minutes actually debating Oz even without his physical condition.

Say what you will about the Republican, but he’s a very smart guy. He knows the issues, and he knows how to speak to them. Anyone doubting his in-person charisma hasn’t paid attention to his career for the last two decades. Fetterman has none of that. He’s a terrible speaker, he’s a far-left radical, and he knows that the more he’s in public, the more his campaign will be exposed for the fraud that it is.

Oz is right to keep the pressure on, and he should ignore the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will inevitably follow from the press. Besides, Fetterman is not a victim of circumstance. Rather, he’s a man who chose to be where he’s at. He could have dropped out of the Democrat primary and told his supporters to look elsewhere. Instead, he pushed on to the general election, and now, he’s fair game. Anyone saying otherwise is just trying to gain an advantage.



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