Banana Republic: DOJ Charges Two Over Ashley Biden Diary, Confirms Its Disturbing Allegations Exist

Just when thought the DOJ and FBI couldn’t beclown themselves anymore, news dropped on Thursday that two people have been charged in connection with Ashley Biden’s diary.


Yes, that would be the same diary that the media assured us was Russian disinformation, but apparently, it’s completely real, which we’ll get to. But before we even dive into the disturbing allegations against Joe Biden present within, can we just talk about how much of a banana republic move this is?

If you haven’t been following this story, two people allegedly found Ashley Biden’s diary at a rehab facility. They took it and then attempted to sell it to various entities. The Trump campaign did the smart thing, given the corruption at the DOJ, and said no to their offer. Ultimately Project Veritas got involved, and for many months, the FBI has been pursuing them, including executing search raids of the organization’s journalists. According to these latest reports, the two people who originally came in possession of the diary have now pleaded guilty to federal crimes.

And don’t kid yourself. Pleading guilty here is not an indication that a crime was actually committed. What it is an indication of is that you can’t fight the DOJ and that it’s smarter to take whatever plea they give you than to see your life completely destroyed and your family bankrupted. It’s one of the reasons these federal agencies need to be neutered. They hold far too much power over normal Americans.


Besides, ask yourself why the federal government was involved in this in the first place. Ultimately, they got these two people by charging them with trafficking in “stolen goods” across state lines. That sounds like quite the stretch given what we know. And since when does the FBI get involved with “stolen” diaries?

In this case, the FBI acted as Biden’s personal police force, locking down a potentially damning document that contains some disturbing allegations in it against the president. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work. The FBI certainly didn’t seek to protect Trump in that manner. Never mind what they did with Hunter Biden’s laptop, suppressing it prior to the 2020 election, in another gambit to protect the Bidens.

So what’s in the diary? Allegedly, there are entries in it accusing Biden of taking inappropriate showers with his daughter. Whether those allegations are true, only Joe and Ashley Biden know, and I’m not making a judgment here. But the mere existence of a documented claim like that would be a non-stop story for the press if it involved any Republican, much less someone like Donald Trump. Instead, the press has ignored this story, first claiming it was Russian disinformation before now just flatly pretending it doesn’t exist.


As conservative thinker Dave Reaboi would say, this is late-stage republic stuff. It’s scary how far gone the federal government is and what it is willing to do to protect those they deem worthy.


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