Kari Lake Slams Her Democrat Opponent for Cowardly Debate Move

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Kari Lake is facing off against the mother of all Karens in Democrat Katie Hobbs in Arizona. The two gubernatorial opponents have been going at each other, with Hobbs trotting out the typical charge that Lake is too radical. That’s how you know a Democrat has nothing to actually run on, and Hobbs really has nothing to run on.


Perhaps that’s why Hobbs is trying to duck out on having to debate? According to Arizona’s Family, which represents two local news stations, the Democrat thinks she can avoid having to defend her positions by claiming that Lake will cause a “circus.”

For 20 years, the Citizens Clean Elections debate has been the one guaranteed time voters get to see their candidates for governor on the same stage in front of a statewide audience. But that streak may end. The Hobbs campaign says they want to participate. However, after what they saw in the Republican primary debate, they have concerns, saying, “We will not engage in a circus that insults and embarasses Arizonans. We do not need to look further than the last debate Kari Lake participated in for such an example.” Lake’s campaign told Arizona’s Family she has no issues facing Hobbs on stage.

It is not Hobbs’ job to decide what is a “circus” or not regarding any debate between her and Lake. Rather, it is up to the voters to decide what is acceptable based on having that open debate. I told you that she was the ultimate Karen, and here, she’s offering the ultimate Karen excuse, refusing to show up for a debate unless she can speak to the manager.


What’s really happening here is that Hobbs is scared to death, which would explain why she also refused to debate during the Democrat primary. Lake, whatever one may think about some of her more eccentric tendencies, is an excellent orator, likely due to her history as a news anchor. She can turn a phrase, and she knows her talking points inside and out. That’s not an insult, but a recognition that she’s prepared to defend her positions at any given moment.

Hobbs, on the other hand, is a generic Democrat who can’t get away from parroting the same tired woke language that has so engulfed her party. She’s also in charge of Arizona’s elections, which have been and continue to be an absolute disaster. If there is a debate, Hobbs knows that Lake will take her apart on that issue.

For her part, Lake slammed Hobbs for her ridiculous excuse to not debate.


Lake wins either way at this point. If Hobbs belatedly decides to debate, she will likely get eviscerated on stage. If she doesn’t, then she looks like a pathetic candidate who can’t defend her own policies in front of the voters, which happens to be the reality of the situation.

Arizona needs a governor who is going to make bold moves to fix the state’s issue. Whether it’s illegal immigration or the ridiculous voting procedures, Lake has expressed a willingness to take action. Meanwhile, Hobbs wants to pretend she’s living in California. We’ll see what voters prefer in November.


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