Conservatives Suggest Leaving Hunter Biden Alone, Tucker Carlson Explains Why That's Insane

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The last week has not been a particularly good one for the Biden family. After 4Chan cracked Hunter Biden’s iCloud backups, a slew of new, possibly incriminating material spilled out into the open, proving to be highly inconvenient for a leftwing media that desperately wants to forget about the story.


That followed on the heels of months of other revelations, including one report that Joe Biden gave his son money that was then used to pay a Russian escort service. Hunter Biden is also reportedly under federal investigation for tax fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion, among other serious crimes.

Oddly enough, though, some on the conservative right have begun to suggest that there are more important matters to focus on and that it’s time to let the Hunter Biden stuff go. And while I’m not here to attack any of them specifically, I do want to critique the general idea, because, on the contrary, I do believe the Hunter Biden saga is immensely important.

If all Hunter Biden was caught up in was weighing his crack while arguing with prostitutes, perhaps one could make the case that all this is a personal matter. But as Tucker Carlson explained on his top-rated show on Tuesday evening, this isn’t really about drugs and escort services. It’s about something much bigger than that, and pretending the corruption of the Biden family is just a “shiny object” is completely glossing over national security risks that do matter.


I won’t rehash everything in the clip, but if you watch it, what you’ll see is a breakdown of many of the shady, possibly illegal connections between the Biden family and China. Hunter Biden made millions and millions of dollars selling access to the US government, with things becoming so entangled that Joe and Jill Biden shared an office with a communist-controlled businessman.

In one case, a firm founded by Hunter Biden that buys up American real estate was bought by the Chinese. In another instance, Joe Biden himself was caught on a voicemail seeking out his son to talk about Chinese business dealings. Other examples include Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother making millions from Chinese contacts with no reasonable explanation for what the money was for. The list of possible transgressions just keeps going and going (and isn’t limited to China).

But again, I’m not here to rehash all those various scandals (follow the above links for more details). Rather, my real purpose in writing this article is to explain why all of this matters, and why I simply don’t buy that people care more about arguing over marginal tax rates than presidential-level corruption that strikes at the heart of American interests.


As Carlson notes in his monologue, China isn’t New Zealand, and no nation on earth represents a more clear and present danger to the United States. The Chinese are seeking to rise amidst the destruction of the US ability to project power in the world. Helping that along is the Bidens’ connections to the communists, as they have played into the hands of a country that ultimately wants to rule over us. Even on a policy level, Joe Biden himself has also gone out of his way to coddle the Chinese, elevating their standing and empowering them economically, which in turn leads to empowering them militarily.

Republicans would be insane to just let all that go, and the idea that it’s irrelevant is a really bad reading of the situation. What polls well is not the only consideration here. China is ascendant in its totalitarianism and ability to influence the world. The Bidens’ role in that must be investigated, and any wrongdoing must be punished. To not do so would be incredibly damaging to US interests.


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