Hispanic Journalists Drag Jill Biden for Comparing Them to 'Breakfast Tacos'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

No, that headline isn’t satire. Jill Biden did actually compare Hispanics to “breakfast tacos” on Monday while speaking in San Antonio. She also apparently can’t pronounce the word “bodega,” instead going with “bo-gah-da.” Was she trying to cop a faux-Spanish pronunciation to up her street cred? The First Lady has a history of such, including her infamous “si-se-podway” gaffe during the 2020 campaign.


As RedState reported, these latest flubs came during something called a “LatinX IncluXion” conference, which can be translated to “Democrats want to lose Hispanic voters.” And while the right has had a good time with the “breakfast tacos” comment, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists didn’t find it funny at all.

They released a statement dragging Jill Biden and her speech writers for coming up with such a line.

I’m honestly surprised the NAHJ put this statement out. You’d expect most of them to be Democrats given nearly everyone in the press is a Democrat, and no one on the left is handled with kid gloves more than Jill Biden. But this was a bridge too far, I guess, or maybe the shift among the Hispanic electorate is reaching the journalism ranks as well? You’ve got to love the snark about “Dr. Biden and her speech writing team” needing to “take the time in the future to better understand” Hispanic cultures.


Still, I’m left wondering how this happened? As someone who has traveled to many Central and South American countries, I can assure you that, much to my disappointment, they don’t all eat tacos. You would expect the First Lady and her staff to know that, keeping things simple in her remarks. After all, what is there to gain with such stupid pandering? Yet, for reasons completely unknown, Jill Biden went with the “breakfast tacos” line anyway.

The broader red flag here for Democrats, though, is just how screwed they are with Hispanics. The fact that the First Lady even appeared at an event that included the made-up, ridiculous word “Latinx” was a huge misstep. Democrats need to be seeking a return to normalcy with Hispanic voters, not leaning into leftwing insanity that alienates them. Yet, here’s Jill Biden talking about “Latinx” and “breakfast tacos.” If she was actually trying to make Hispanics recoil in horror, what would she be doing differently?

This is a prime example of how hubris in politics can be destructive. Democrats, having previously convinced themselves that Hispanics would be part of their permanent majority, simply refuse to believe that things have changed. And instead of shifting their messaging, they keep going full-bore into a brick wall of woke-ism. Don’t get me wrong, as a Republican, I’m happy to watch the meltdown, but as a political observer, it makes me wince.




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