Donald Trump Continues to Live Rent-Free in Joe Biden's Head

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

We are only a year-and-a-half into Joe Biden’s presidential tenure, and things are not going well–and that’s not my opinion. That’s the opinion of a full 85 percent of the American public who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. It’s impossible to hide the sky-rocketing inflation, the crashing stock market, the record gas prices, and all the foreign policy failures. Biden has, objectively, been a disaster.


So, what is a president to do when his administration is collapsing around him? Blame Donald Trump, of course. While speaking in Ohio on Wednesday, Biden let it be known that Trump still lives rent-free in his head, and that the lease has just been renewed.

I get that Biden’s brain is mush, but you’d think he’d remember the global pandemic that took place in 2020 before spouting off about job losses. State-level lockdowns happened across the country, putting the economy into an artificial coma.

Apparently, Biden recalls none of that though, instead choosing to blame “trickle-down economics” for the job losses under Trump, a contention so devoid of reality as to make an asylum patient ask Joe what the heck he’s talking about. Does he think it’s 1985 and Ronald Reagan is still president? Trickle-down economics? Really? Never mind that the economy was booming under Trump until COVID hit, making Biden’s critique rather absurd.

Things just got weirder from there. At another point, a phone started to ring in the audience. Biden then proceeded to joke that it was Trump calling him.


Everything about that clip is just odd. The first thing you see is Biden struggling to read his teleprompter, looking intently ahead, doing his best to not jumble his words while using his “working man” voice. Then he suddenly starts talking about Trump calling him, before spitting out something that sounds like “vi-shirt-on-ha-lie.” Is he speaking some kind of Arabic-derived tongue? I don’t know, as I’m admittedly not fluent in Biden.

He then scratches his nose before grinning and putting his angry eyes back on, to keep reading the teleprompter. But when someone tells a joke, it’s worth asking what the joke actually was. Why would Trump be calling him, and how is that funny? The crowd did their part in making the old man feel good about himself, though, acting as if he had just delivered the greatest line of comedic genius in history.

Biden mentioned Trump yet again while talking about pensions, claiming “Trumpsters” would “literally take them out.”

I’ll admit that Biden isn’t wrong about that. Yes, Trump supporters would take out government payments for union pensions because they are a giant grift unfairly paid for by taxpayers. Was that supposed to be some kind of own? Besides, I’m pretty sure there are a lot more people than just Trump supporters who oppose taxpayer-funded, union bailouts.


Rounding things out, Biden also did his creepy whispering things again because none of his handlers can get him under control.

To put it succinctly, when the current president is spending all his time obsessing over the former guy, that current president is losing. Biden may not perceive much these days given his mental decline, but he knows enough to know he’s been an abject failure. With no accomplishments to talk about, all he has left is making awkward, false mentions of Donald Trump.

And look, while I don’t agree with Biden’s politics, it’s still sad to watch a guy crumble like this. He can barely speak, his jokes make no sense, and he’s been reduced to squinting at a teleprompter, just hoping to get through another event. Someone should really step in and stop this elder abuse.


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