The Ineptness of the Biden Administration Is Becoming Comical

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Earlier on Tuesday, I penned a piece about the White House’s pathetic response when pressed on the president’s voicemail to Hunter Biden discussing the latter’s business dealings. But little did I know that I was leaving a bunch of meat on the bone by just talking about that exchange.


Apparently, Karine Jean-Pierre had one of her worst briefings yet, and the ineptness is becoming comical. It sure feels like we are at the point where it’s worth asking exactly what this administration does know because the perpetual shoulder-shrugging has long grown old.

I wrote on Macron’s confrontation with Biden in Europe where he essentially told the US president that he’s clueless without actually saying it. It was all over the national news, with the exchange being caught on tape in a quasi-hot mic moment. Yet, Jean-Pierre claims she hasn’t even heard about it? Can someone remind me what her job is again? She’s the press secretary for the President of the United States and claims to be completely unaware of one of the biggest stories to come from the G7?

I mean come on, you can’t do anything but laugh, and Jean-Pierre was delivering her best stand-up routine all briefing.


Wait a second. The White House is unaware of reports that oil released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ended up overseas, including in China? How is that even possible given that the oil market is global? Anyone with a remedial understanding of the issue should know the oil we are releasing is ending up in foreign countries because that’s how it works. It’s also why emptying out the SPR to purchase a few cents off at the pump is so stupid and short-sighted. But the White House wants to have its cake and eat it too, pretending they are “doing something” while obfuscating about what that something entails.

And speaking of obfuscation, when Jean-Pierre was asked about the recession we are currently in, this is what she had to say.

We live in a day and age of everyone being able to “identify” as whatever they want, facts need not apply, and the White House seems to identify as being economically literate when it clearly isn’t. The Atlanta Fed tracker showed 2Q GDP at -2.1 percent. Given that 1Q GDP came in a -1.6 percent, the United States is in a recession using the most common definition, which is two straight quarters of negative growth. The administration’s response: “Nah, we aren’t in a recession.”


They think you are stupid, or at least they think they can get away with treating you like you are. Peter Doocy exposed that attitude in this final clip I’m going to share. Jean-Pierre is asked about Biden’s shift from blaming Vladimir Putin for gas prices to blaming individual gas stations, of which a majority are individually owned.

If you watch the clip, Jean-Pierre tries to dodge the question by suggesting that wholesale oil prices have come down 15 percent while retail gas prices have only come down 3 percent.

First of all, that’s not true. Gas prices have fallen from a record $5.01 a gallon on June 14th to $4.80 a gallon as of this writing. That puts the decline at less than 5 percent. As for oil prices, on June 14th, they were $118 a barrel. Today, WTI Crude closed at $102. That represents around a 13.6 percent decrease.

Even still, the White House’s answer ignores that raw crude is not the only factor in gas prices. It costs money to transport fuel, and when diesel prices are through the roof and pipelines are shut down, the cost at the pump rises. Then there’s the issue with refining capacity, which appears to be the biggest bottleneck right now. In short, Jean-Pierre’s lesson on gas prices is something out of the mind of a seven-year-old. It ignores key factors while making a painfully simplistic argument.


All to protect the Biden administration from having to take responsibility for anything. Remember, the “adults” are back in charge, but apparently, the adults know absolutely nothing and can’t accomplish anything. The White House can’t have it both ways, and the ineptness on display speaks for itself.


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