Karine Jean-Pierre Melts When Pressed on Joe Biden Voicemail to Hunter Biden

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

In late June, news broke that President Joe Biden had sent a voicemail to his son, Hunter Biden, expressing a desire to discuss the latter’s Chinese business dealings. The current president even went so far as to say on the message that you’re “in the clear,” which seems like a clear admission that he had knowledge of what was going on.


That stands in stark contrast to numerous past denials from Joe Biden, with the claim being that he never discussed any business dealings with his son. The dishonesty is illustrated even further by the fact that the elder Biden and his wife shared an office with their son and a Chinese-government-controlled businessman. That doesn’t just happen by sheer chance.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was finally asked about the damning voicemail by Fox News’ Peter Doocy. As you’d expect, she absolutely melted under the pressure.

The word that immediately came to mind when I first saw that clip was “pathetic.” It is pathetic that the White House believes it can sit back and refuse to answer basic questions on a major ethical issue like this. The evidence is simply too much to ignore that the president was (and may still be) steeped in the corruption his son has perpetrated domestically and abroad.

It’s also pathetic that no other “journalist” in the room even bothered to question Jean-Pierre about this issue, once again leaving the job up to Peter Doocy. There is no universe in which a Republican would be allowed to brush aside questions when a voicemail exists proving they lied about something as serious as corruption involving the Chinese.


And while I understand that the DC press bubble typically lets Democrats get away with just about anything, you’d hope there’d be some lines they would attempt to enforce. For example, just a week ago, it was revealed that Joe Biden helped fund Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Russian human-trafficking ring. Yet, not a single mainstream media outlet reported on the story. The beltway media sphere would have set itself on fire if Donald Trump and his son were involved in such a scheme. But because it’s the Bidens making shady deals with the Chicoms and paying for possibly underage prostitutes, no one outside of right-wing media makes a peep. It’s downright immoral when you think about it, and it’s certainly not good for the country that these things are being ignored.

Returning to Jean-Pierre, she repeats multiple times in the clip that she’s not going to comment on materials from the laptop, as if it’s some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card. Any journalist worth their salt should be asking why that answer is sufficient, though. Why allow her to get away with such an obfuscation? That’s rhetorical given the bias that exists in the news media, but still, we know the laptop is real. We know the Bidens lied about it and its origin. We know that Hunter Biden and his father were extremely interconnected, from their business dealings to the president’s political career.


None of this is theoretical or a “right-wing conspiracy,” and it’s insane that Jean-Pierre and the White House are allowed to just wave off any serious questions on the matter. No Republican would get away with that, and the American people deserve to know how far the rot goes.


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