Biden Ditches the Cheat Sheet and Fumbles Through an Attempt to Destroy Our Institutions

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden convened a virtual meeting of state governors on Friday, and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that he didn’t have a cheat sheet telling him exactly what to do at any given moment. The bad news is that he didn’t have a cheat sheet telling him exactly what to do at any given moment.


Perhaps, as occurred a week ago, it’s best that his handlers keep giving him detailed instructions such as “YOU take YOUR seat” before unleashing him on one of these press-covered events.

For once, the senility isn’t really the point, though, and I won’t belabor it. You know the dude is gone, and I know the dude is gone. Instead, what I found most disturbing about this event was how casually Biden and Democrats like Kathy Hochul were willing to throw the United States under the bus like it’s some kind of horrific backwater.

At one point, Hochul stated to an approving Biden that there are “enlightened states” regarding the issue of abortion.

I know the nation has become desensitized to this kind of rhetoric, but it still blows my mind that people who support killing full-term babies believe they are somehow morally superior. It’s twilight zone stuff, with Democrats adopting the most radical positions without even a hint of regret as they charge forward toward their next act of destruction. Besides, it seems rather dangerous, in my view, to start pushing the idea that certain states are full of people who are beneath those who live in New York and California. Using words like “enlightened” suggests that people in those other states are lesser human beings.


Couple that type of division with purposeful attempts at delegitimizing the Supreme Court, something Biden did during his comments, and it just leads nowhere good.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who spent four years under Trump claiming “democracy” was in danger every time the former president even suggested that a court was out of line. Yet, Biden and other Democrats have now made it a daily ritual to trash the Supreme Court, suggesting it should be overridden and packed, if not disbanded depending on who is doing the talking.

The president didn’t stop there, though. He took the temperature up further by claiming that red states were going to start arresting women for crossing state lines to get abortions.

Putting aside the fact that what he’s saying isn’t going to happen, I found the line about telegraphing to “the whole world” especially egregious. Biden, whether he has the mental capacity to realize it or not, is the President of the United States. He is not the president of Europe, and playing into the dishonest cheap shots coming from the Eurotrash is completely out of bounds. I don’t care how much you disagree with the Supreme Court, you don’t take shots at your own nation in order to get backslaps from the likes of Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron.


What happened to basic-level patriotism? What happened to protecting the nation that has given you so much? These used to be lines that weren’t crossed, but Democrats, with Biden chief among them, have decided to blow up everything with the singular goal of destroying our institutions. And for what? So they can get their way on another policy preference? They are willing to burn it all down to keep killing babies. But hey, no mean tweets, right?


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