Joe Biden's Memory Crashes and Burns in Odd Scene at COVID Vaccine Site

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden is back from his latest vacation, having returned from an eventful trip to the beach in Delaware. Between the president falling off his bike while sitting still and his daughter rescuing him after he lost his temper with a reporter, perhaps returning to Washington was for the best.


Or was it? Biden visited a COVID-19 vaccine site in D.C. on Tuesday, and things did not go as planned. In another sign of his debilitating mental decline, the president forgot who runs his own CDC. You know, totally normal stuff considering we are talking about an agency Biden has supposedly been intimately involved with for the last year-and-a-half.

Rochelle Walensky may be a terrible CDC director, but pretending she doesn’t exist? That’s harsh, wouldn’t you say? Of course, Biden isn’t doing so on purpose. His memory really is just that bad. Recall that this is the same guy who has repeatedly forgotten Barack Obama’s name despite serving in his administration for eight years as vice president. The current president also routinely mixes up the names of officials in his cabinet.

Because again, he’s senile. I know it’s inconvenient for some to admit, specifically those on the left side of the aisle, but the President of the United States is not all there. His labored gait, his glossed-over appearance, his constant memory flubs, and his meandering, often incoherent way of speaking all testify to that.


Still, what made the scene at the vaccine site even odder was the way the president used his mask throughout the exchange. If you watch the video, everyone in the room is masked up despite the fact that it’s June 2022, with objective data telling us that mask mandates do little to nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That’s dumb enough to witness on its own.

Biden takes things to an extra level of absurdity, though, when he pulls his mask down to start screaming at people across the room. He does this while a crowd is surrounding him, well within the range of his probable spittle. He then bends down, continuing to hold his mask off his face so a child can whisper into his ear.

Now, the problem here is not that Biden pulled his mask down.That’s perfectly reasonable given they are essentially nothing more than face decorations at this point. Sometimes you need to be heard, and a mask often prevents people from understanding you. The question is why do he and the rest of his administration keep playing this game? Why continue to promote mask-wearing, when even the president clearly doesn’t believe it does anything? Why wear a mask backstage at events only to remove it when coming into contact with the crowd? That type of behavior makes no logical sense and undermines trust.


But not making logical sense is a staple of Biden’s presidency, whether it’s his memory crashing and burning, the silly mask-wearing, or his general irrationality regarding policy decisions. Perhaps the electorate will learn some lessons after this ordeal finally ends, but color me a cynic on that front for the time being.


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