Adam Schiff Claims 'Evidence' of Trump Election Fraud Before Playing a Familiar Game

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Adam Schiff is back on cable news proclaiming damning evidence against Donald Trump. This time, it’s not about now-debunked Russian collusion. Rather, it’s about January 6th and the idea that the former president was part of a conspiracy to illegally attempt to overturn the election.


While appearing with Martha Raddatz on CNN, a second home for Schiff since the early days of the Trump administration, the California congressman asserted that he “has evidence” that the former president actively participated in a January 6th scheme to produce fake electors.

There are several things to consider here, not the least of which is whether anything Schiff is talking about is even illegal. Obviously, there’s a long history of politicians challenging elections in the United States. After all, two current members of the January 6th committee challenged the certification of the 2004 and 2016 elections, respectively. In this case, there was talk of producing an “alternate” slate of electors who would not cast their votes for Biden, despite the results in their states.

Ironically, the idea that a state’s electors could ignore the election results and vote their “conscience” was pioneered by Democrats in 2016, with the suggestion that Trump could be denied the White House. Now, the same people who didn’t have a problem entertaining that scheme want to pretend it’s some massive conspiracy for Trump associates to talk about it four years later.


The point is simply that even if Schiff were telling the truth that Trump was part of the discussions, that doesn’t actually add up to much. None of what is being mentioned was executed. In the days after the election, lots of harebrained ideas were batted around. The legality of those ideas, as Schiff mentions, was challenged by Trump’s lawyers and they didn’t happen. So, what exactly are we even talking about here except Democrats again pushing a political narrative–that doesn’t actually add up to the criminal narrative they swear they have evidence for?

And getting back to the claim of evidence, watch the clip until the end and you’ll see Schiff play a familiar game. When Raddatz challenges him to reveal what he’s talking about, the congressman quickly hides behind the claim that he doesn’t “want to get ahead of the hearings.” We’ve all heard this song and dance before. It’s exactly what Schiff said during the Russian collusion nonsense, as he constantly teased “evidence” that never arrived.

Lastly, the idea that the January 6th committee has hard evidence against Trump, proving he participated in an illegal conspiracy, and that such evidence has managed to not leak, is so improbable as to be essentially impossible. Every random thing that even sort of hints at implicating the former president has made its way into the press. But in this one instance, the committee is suddenly locked down tight? As Joe Biden would mumble, come on, man.


In short, Schiff is a psychopathic liar. This is a man who has zero credibility, and the more he makes promises, the more you can expect him not to deliver. That CNN continues to treat him as a reliable source is laughable, and offers more proof of how much of a dumpster fire that news network is.


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