The January 6th Committee Drops Another 'Major Revelation' About Donald Trump

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

The January 6th Committee has leaked another claim that is meant to make it seem like the walls are closing in on Donald Trump. According to Liz Cheney and her cohorts, they have found “gaps” in the former president’s communications.


That was revealed by a report in The New York Times, the committee’s favorite newspaper to feed narratives to. The Hill offers a condensed version of the supposed findings.

Investigators from the House select committee probing the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol have found gaps in the White House phone records on the day of the insurrection, reports The New York Times.

Investigators were unable to find the logs of calls by former President Trump during hours on that day when they know he was sometimes on the phone.

Well, that sounds damning, right? Clearly, Trump must have destroyed records and wiped his phone in an effort to hamper the heroic work of the January 6th committee.

Yeah, well except there’s absolutely nothing nefarious behind any of this.

There is no evidence that official logs were changed or deleted, the Times reports, and Trump often used his personal phone or those of aides for calls.

In other words, the call logs were not tampered with and this entire leak is yet another manufactured piece of “evidence” meant to bolster a committee that is, in reality, an absolute joke. Every “bombshell” that is dropped turns out to be a massive dud. Clearly, if there was actually evidence of some mass conspiracy, it would have been discovered by now.


Yet, the point here isn’t to actually prove the case that Trump somehow orchestrated and aided those who entered the Capitol Building on January 6th. Rather, the January 6th committee is another Robert Mueller play, dragging out a pointless investigation while leaking out of context information to make it seem as if something happened that didn’t. In short, it’s a PR stunt meant to interfere with the election in November, not actually find out anything worthwhile.

If the committee actually cared about preventing another breach as they claim, they’d be investigating the failures of the Capitol Police who opened the doors to the building. They won’t do that, though, because it would mean the investigation going in a direction that wouldn’t be politically beneficial.

Lastly, let’s note that these phone records came after the Supreme Court ruled against Trump and allowed them to be handed over. What have they produced? Nothing of value. What that shows is that Trump trying to block the committee from getting records isn’t because he’s actually hiding something, but because he doesn’t want to give credence to a bunch of hacks.


In the end, this dogged pursuit of Trump is simply to try to bar him from running again in 2024. It’s all politics and the January 6th Committee is a charade that no one should take seriously. Those who breached the Capitol Building have been harshly punished in ways other rioters weren’t. The idea that there’s something new and game-changing to discover is a farce and everyone, including Liz Cheney, knows it.



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