January 6th Committee Goes Full BlueAnon in Slanderous Attack on GOP Congressman

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The January 6th committee continues to promise filet mignon. They keep delivering beef bottom round.

As RedState has chronicled, with the first two hearings in the book, including a two-hour primetime special, there has been no evidence provided that Donald Trump organized and coordinated an “insurrection” to stop the peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 election. Instead, we’ve gotten yet more innuendo, weak narrative building, and attempts to connect dots that are miles apart.


We’ve gotten USCP officers emoting as if the only riot to have ever occurred happened at the Capitol, but nothing to justify the stated basis of the committee, which was to prove a conspiracy involving the former president.

In short, the January 6th committee has nothing, they know they have nothing, and now they are lashing out with wild conspiracy theories previously only found on BlueAnon Twitter.

We will get to the complete debunking of this claim in a moment, but even if we had no more information, this kind of ridiculous innuendo is non-evidentiary garbage. Do you know what tourists do when they see cool things like tunnel entrances to the Capitol and security checkpoints? They take pictures so they can post them online later to brag about how special they are. During my first time in the Capitol Building (in a private capacity, not on a public tour), I took pictures of just about everything.

Further, if the people in that video were planning an insurrection, don’t you think they’d have gotten Loudermilk to give them a tour of the Capitol Building itself instead of the office building, which wasn’t even touched on January 6th? That seems like an important detail, doesn’t it?


To suggest that people taking pictures of the hallways in an office building someone points to them being “insurrectionists” is insane. It’s also exactly what you’d expect from the terrible people on the January 6th committee who are now making slanderous, baseless insinuations because they otherwise have no evidence of their wild conspiracy theories.

But what makes this worse is that the USCP has already cleared Loudermilk. RedState reported that news on Tuesday.

If you read the letter from the USCP, what you’ll see is that nothing out of the ordinary went on. These were constituents who went to Loudermilk’s office and then spent about five minutes looking at a series of exhibits in the basement of the office building. They did not enter the tunnels, and any pictures they took are easily explained as basic tourism. Lastly, we know these people weren’t at the January 6th unrest, which again, makes this conspiracy theory all the more ridiculous.

Remember when the January 6th committee insisted they are the ones who respect and honor the Capitol Police? They sure threw the USCP under the bus quickly when it conflicted with one of their conspiracy theories, didn’t they?


Whoever is in these videos should lawyer up and see what legal recourse they have. The January 6th committee is now smearing innocent constituents because they happened to be in a House office building. It’s unconscionable, and more proof of how horrible Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, and the rest of those on the committee are. These are not good people.


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