WATCH: Italian Motorists Are Having None of Climate Change Activists Blocking a Highway

Italian motorists confront and remove climate change activists. (Credit: Ian Miles Cheong/Local Team)

Some days a story crops up that just warms your soul. Today is one of those days after a video emerged of Italian motorists confronting climate change activists that attempted to block a highway. I say “attempted” because they were less than successful in their endeavor.


As you’ll see, things culminate in a very satisfying moment for normal people everywhere.

I’m trying to think of a more stupid way to fight supposed “climate change” than blocking a highway, sitting in front of cars, preventing them from moving, and causing them to idle for long periods of time. Isn’t the point to reduce carbon emissions? But no one has ever accused the climate hysterics of being the sharpest tools in the shed, and while they are unbearable in the United States, they are outright insane in Europe.

In a show of absolute brilliance, a “protester” recently threw a piece of cake on the Mona Lisa in France. Why? I have no idea, but apparently, they were saving the planet. Also in France, a woman decided that tying herself to a net at the French Open would reduce climate change. There’s no sense to any of these protests, and that includes the one in the video above. You are dealing with legitimately crazy people who, due to a lack of real purpose in their lives, have convinced themselves they are morally right to harass others.


I think that’s what makes the reaction by the motorists in the video great and so needed. For once, instead of being afraid to react, normal people decided enough is enough. This is how to deal with these “protesters” that have no right to sit in the middle of a road. Grab them by the collar and drag them out of the way. The world does not revolve around their pet project, and the more they receive pushback, the less likely they are to lash out with these ridiculous stunts.


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