Man Attacks Mona Lisa With Cake... For Climate Change

Amel Pain

While there are many groups that have bizarre ways of demonstrating for their cause, climate alarmists certainly take the cake.

A man dressed as an old lady at the Louvre Museum in Paris, who even wore a wig and sat in a wheelchair, threw a piece of cake and threw roses at the glass protecting the famous Mona Lisa portrait on Sunday, the Associated Press reported.


“Think of the Earth. There are people who are destroying the Earth. Think about it. Artists tell you: think of the Earth. That’s why I did this,” he reportedly said in French, according to the outlet.

Of course, he was no longer in the wheelchair as he was being escorted out by law enforcement.

The painting is not damaged, but this activist’s reputation might be. Reuters cleverly said, “The Mona Lisa was left shaken but unharmed.” Unfortunately, guards had to take time out of their day to clean the cream off of the class, the AP reported.

The museum told Axios that they are thankful for their security team’s swift response to the situation in an email.

“The museum salutes the professionalism of its agents who reacted immediately during this incident. It also recalls that monitoring national collections is at the heart of their missions,” Marion Benaiteau, communications officer for the Louvre, said.

Although the climate alarmism movement already struggles to be taken seriously, this demonstration does not do them any favors. This activist should be glad that he did not get the chance to destroy the glass and damage the painting because he probably would have set his cause back years in terms of public support.


Many are already concerned that left-wing activists are attacking the classical culture, so a man literally going after the world’s most famous work of art only reaffirms the suspicion.

While protesting is perfectly fine, activists who think they are going to trigger some global conversation by going unconventional usually only embarrass themselves. It would be tough to believe that anybody standing inside that room agreed that this was the best route to convey his message, even if they believe climate change is a threat.

It’s almost laughable that somebody has to say that throwing cake at the Mona Lisa will not change policy, but clearly, somebody needed to hear it.

Activism, especially this kind, is unproductive in most cases. Hopefully, this man finds a better way to channel his frustrations about the climate in a way that is actually positive and effective, or he realizes that political action might not need to be his top priority.



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