Unearthed Video of Uvalde Mass Shooter Raises Every Red Flag Imaginable

Unearthed Video of Uvalde Mass Shooter Raises Every Red Flag Imaginable
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

As some have argued in response to the relentless push to disarm law-abiding Americans after the mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, things are so much more complicated than just the gun used.

That’s become clear after an unearthed video of the shooter raised every red flag imaginable, showing Salvador Ramos holding a bag of dead cats. If this video was otherwise seen by authorities prior, it’s inexcusable that it wasn’t acted on.

The report comes from the New York Post.

Disturbing new video obtained by The Post shows demented Robb Elementary School shooter Salvador Ramos grinning as he holds up a bag of blood-soaked dead cats.

The deranged 18-year-old gunman is seen smiling in the undated footage while sitting in the passenger seat of a pal’s car — holding up a clear plastic bag with at least two bloodied cats visible inside.

I’m not going to post the video or pictures in this article for obvious reasons. They are as bad as you’d think and represent stark evidence of just how mentally unwell this shooter was. No one who ruthlessly kills pets for no other reason than to laugh about it is right in the head, and there’s a long history of mass killers, including serial killers, starting their escapades by killing domesticated animals.

Given the shooter’s age and the timing of the shooting to his 18th birthday, the video in question certainly was taken while he was still a minor, and for more context, according to the Post, none of this was a secret.

In the midst of those horrors, Ramos was also involved in domestic violence incidents, some of which he posted online for all to see. Further, he shot people with a BB gun, started fights for no reason, and his mother reportedly had a drug problem.

How many more red flags would the authorities like before they act? Remember, in this case, he would have been a minor. Why was he not ever removed from the home? In fact, I can’t find any evidence CPS ever even attempted to intervene. Instead, it appears the shooter went to live with his grandmother after a final blow-up with his mother.

It’s insane that the conversation is now about banning 9mm ammunition rather than about issues that could have actually stopped this shooting. Heck, it’s not just insane, it’s infuriating. People are rushing to garner their long-held political goals that would do nothing to prevent mass shootings instead of worrying about the problems staring the nation in the face. Schools obviously need better security, and if we can give them hundreds of billions of mostly unspent cash for COVID, I’m pretty sure we can afford to install some magnetic doors.

But past that, there needs to be a serious conversation about the lack of action in regards to clearly mentally ill people. Ramos should have been arrested many times over. Past that, had the authorities actually bothered to look into his situation as a response to the arrests that should have been made, it would have been obvious that he had to be removed from his current situation. That alone would have done more to stop him from going on a rampage than taking Joe Bob’s AR-15 in Iowa.

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