Jen Psaki's Last Day on the Job Was Everything Wrong With Washington

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In case you haven’t heard the news, Jen Psaki is officially out as the White House Press Secretary. Psaki is now headed to MSNBC to host a primetime show, a plan she’s had in place for months while still manning the podium in what can only be called a massive ethics breach.


Following in her footsteps will be Karine Jean-Pierre, a wild conspiracy theorist who claimed the 2018 election was stolen from Stacey Abrams, and that Donald Trump won in 2016 because of “stolen drones” and the Russians.

So yeah, nothing is really going to change, and Psaki’s send-off on her last day on the job showed that no one in Washington has learned anything.

Psaki has been one of the worst, most dishonest press secretaries in the 90-year history of the position existing within the White House. Not only has she told lie after lie, but she’s done so with unprecedented arrogance and levels of snark. In fact, even on her last day, she didn’t let up, telling a blatant lie about babies being killed by Abbott baby formula in order to justify Biden’s lack of response to the crisis.

When Americans were left behind and stranded in Afghanistan (with some apparently still there) during the president’s disastrous withdrawal, Psaki stood up in front of the American people and chastised Peter Doocy as “irresponsible” for even asking the question, before pointedly denying the reality on the ground. If that wasn’t disgusting enough, she also chose to lie about Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian illegal immigrants. That was after the video had come out, confirming it was horse reins in their hands and that they “whipped” no one.


There was no falsehood small enough for Psaki to abscond from. When Nancy Pelosi contracted COVID-19 and then kissed Biden on the cheek during an event, the now-former press secretary actually claimed that such interaction didn’t constitute a “close contact.” More recently, Psaki told reporters that Biden had coined the ridiculous phrase “ultra-MAGA” by himself. On Friday, it was revealed that messaging was the result of six months of Democrat Party research.

So no, Psaki did not uphold the example of “grace and integrity” that she claims is represented by the Biden family, a claim that is a lie in and of itself. On the contrary, she was a vicious, vindictively dishonest person who received far more praise than she deserved simply because she worked for the “right” team.

The opposite is not true about Washington, which is one of the most corrupt places on the face of the planet. But living in the bubble is a privilege, and she is at the top of the heap. Psaki is going to be just fine. She will become even more wealthy than she already is, she’ll never have to deal with formula shortages, illegal immigration surges, or high crime, and she’ll be lauded by the beltway for the rest of her days.


In short, this is all a game to these people. That includes the press corps that handled her with kid gloves, hoping to one day receive the pat on the head they received on Friday from Psaki. Washington is one big, incestuous act of theater, and you are the sucker paying the production costs.


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