Biden's New Press Secretary Has a Political History That's Truly a Sight to Behold

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Joe Biden has a new press secretary following Friday’s exit of Jen Psaki, who is making the lateral move over to MSNBC. Karine Jean-Pierre is going to be the new face of the administration because we all know it’s not Joe Biden, and she’s got an interesting political history that’s just now seeing the light of day.


While Jean-Pierre has attempted to paint herself as a moderate, rational voice in the few times she’s taken the podium to this point, it turns out she’s a raving, conspiratorial lunatic. She also happens to be in a relationship with a top CNN reporter, which really just squares the circle, doesn’t it?

But when Jean-Pierre isn’t claiming the 2016 election was stolen by Russian drones, she has another weird tick: Asserting that everything, and I mean everything, is racist.

It’s always odd to see a person who came from a well-off background, went to private school, and attended an Ivy League university complain of being oppressed, but here we are. That’s not to say that real racism doesn’t exist, but it’s clear that Jean-Pierre, outside of possibly some individual interactions in her life, has never been held back by the supposed racism she constantly espouses. At some point, and that point was long ago, it just becomes absurd.


Who is more privileged? Some poor white or Hispanic person born in rural Texas to parents who are drug addicts? Or Karine Jean-Pierre? I think we all know the answer to that. The constant grouping of demographics in this discussion, as if one can proclaim absolute oppression based on such generalities, is not healthy, and it’s certainly not accomplishing anything.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson also pointed out Jean-Pierre’s favorite accusation, and he even gave an exhaustive list of everything she’s claimed is racist.

According to Jean-Pierre, the following people and things are racist: John Cornyn, border walls, making fun of Elizabeth Warren, Mike Huckabee, federal government shutdowns, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Brexit, Ed Gillespie, Ron DeSantis, and Republicans who criticized Ralph Northam…who himself was caught in a racism scandal. And of course, Jean-Pierre believes voter ID laws, and pretty much any laws that protect voter integrity are, you guessed it, racist.

So, not only is Jean-Pierre a partisan hack who believes Stacey Abrams had the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race “stolen” from her, but she’s also incredibly lazy on an intellectual front. As Carlson says in his critique, the White House managing to find someone more grating, dumber, and more aggressive than Jen Psaki is truly a feat.


For my money, there’s no weaker argument out there than just wildly claiming everything is racist. But that’s Jean-Pierre’s thing, and you can expect it to continue as she fully takes the reins of the Biden administration’s messaging. You can also look forward to many future news stories from our objective press claiming that any and all criticism of Jean-Pierre is…racist.


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