Ministry of Truth Director Shares Thoughts on 'Gender Disinformation' in Eyebrow Lifting Video

Governance Disinformation Board Dir. Nina Jankowicz is an “expert.” I’ve been assured of it by the Biden administration and the news media. What are her credentials? Apparently, taking part in biased academic studies any undergraduate student could do and making TikTok videos.


In other words, for being such an “expert” on disinformation, Jankowicz sure can’t seem to understand what it is and what it isn’t. Another video has emerged where she deals with “gender disinformation.”

Here’s what that looked like.

Two things stick out to me when I watch this, and I think they illustrate why she’s supremely unqualified to hold a position that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

To start, every single example she gives is done in defense of someone on the left. It’s as if “disinformation” about right-leaning figures simply doesn’t exist. Why not note the false smears targeted at Nikki Haley when Democrats tried to suggest she had an affair with Donald Trump while he was in office? What about the gender stereotype often presented by the left that all women are pro-abortion?

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Jankowicz, in every video I’ve seen of her, always finds herself repeating Democrat talking points while never offering her “expertise” in defense of anyone or anything on the right. There’s a reason for that. Namely, that she’s a leftwing hack.


But even getting into the details of what she’s saying, she manages to get several things wrong even while posing as an authority on disinformation. For example, she claims it’s disinformation to say Kamala Harris “slept” her way to the top.

Now, to be clear, I’ve never claimed that, mostly because I tend to stay away from stuff like that even if it’s true. Yet, there is plenty of reason to suggest that saying such is not disinformation. We know that Harris’ big break came while she was in a relationship with former Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown. In fact, he wrote an op-ed where he essentially admitted that and took credit for her career while at the same time claiming he didn’t help her politically. So perhaps someone can claim it’s misleading or “lacks context” to say Harris slept her way to the top but to say it’s outright disinformation? That’s not true either.

Past that, Jankowicz claimed that saying Ilhan Omar married her brother is disinformation. That’s completely false. There is ample evidence that’s exactly what happened, and there’s been no real investigation into the matter nor has she ever sufficiently explained anything. Again, to claim that is disinformation is simply not true.


Lastly, just to put a cherry on top, Jankowicz then claims this is all a “Russian disinformation” campaign because, of course, she did. That’s why she’s head of the Ministry of Truth. She checks every box for the administration. She repeats every talking point. Most of all, she’s ruthlessly partisan.



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