Did Ilhan Omar's Husband Spill The Tea? He Reportedly Told Friends She WAS Married To Brother

If they ever make a Real Housewives of Capitol Hill, I nominate Rep. Ilhan Omar to be the highly judgmental, weirdly aggressive, holier-than-thou scold who does all the finger pointing to hide the fact that she has a significant number of skeletons hiding in her own closet.


Thanks to some reporting by Powerline — which seems to have been ultimately partially confirmed by The New York Post — that’s going to be an easy casting decision.

According to Powerline, Omar’s current estranged husband Ahmed Hirsi (who is not related to her by blood), has been telling friends and associates that not only did Omar have an affair with an aide while paying him (Lord have mercy), but that she also, in fact, did marry her brother with intent to defraud.

Oh, and that he has no intention of going down for the Congresswoman.

According to sources, Hirsi is telling friends:

• that he will not go to jail for Omar;

• that while Omar did indeed marry her brother (Ahmed Elmi) for fraudulent purposes, Hirsi did not know at the time that she had married Elmi;

• that Omar is threatening Hirsi he would be in trouble along with her if the truth were to come out;

• that Omar has asked him to state publicly that all is well with their marriage even though it is completely done and finished; and

• that in fact they are living apart and have been divorced under Islamic law (although they remain legally married).

Having humiliated Ahmed Hirsi by her affair with Tim Mynett, Omar now wants Hirsi to perform public relations services for her to suppress the scandal. That is cold.

Hirsi has maintained his silence through all the scandals so far. One may infer that there is a good reason why Hirsi has never spoken up on Omar’s behalf in any of these scandals. Hirsi’s knowledge of Omar’s conduct is knowledge of her wrongdoing.


A new piece in The New York Post seems to confirm at least some of the Powerline blog post by detailing that Omar’s husband — who had initially declined to file for divorce — has now been reported to have started thinking about that process.

The congresswoman’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, the source said, is poised to file for divorce after the revelation in a bombshell court filing that she allegedly had an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett.

The Minnesota congresswoman and her husband allegedly separated in March, and Omar asked Hirsi to divorce her around that time because she didn’t want to file the papers — but Hirsi refused, telling her if she wanted a divorce she should do it herself, said the source, who has known both parties for 20 years.

The husband allegedly changed his mind after Tim Mynett’s wife last week filed bombshell divorce papers claiming her spouse was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative — with Hirsi said to be angry he had been made to look the fool by the allegations of an extramarital affair.

Powerline also takes the opportunity to stick up for journalist David Steinberg, who has broken most of the Omar story over the last few years and been roundly ignored for his efforts while other outlets laid claim to the same information. The New York Post reporter who wrote the story insists she did not use the research of Steinberg for her piece. which he disputes on Twitter.



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