Kamala Harris Produces a Word Salad That Will Make You Question Everything

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Some years ago, your favorite, quasi-anonymous political writer made his debut on Sean Hannity’s primetime show. Sure, it was only a brief mention of my article’s premise, alongside a screenshot of the headline, but for that moment, I transcended…something.


The article in question was titled “Joe Biden Produces a Word Salad So Bad It’ll Make You Question Everything.” And while it seems almost quaint now, having been written prior to the 2020 election, it remains no less instructive today, serving as a reminder of just how far gone Biden was — even during the campaign.

Behold, the man who would go on to become the current President of the United States.

I’m sure there are still crack research teams trying to translate what was spoken in those 21 seconds. It’s like he was speaking another language, and that video explains so much about where we are today. If you ever run across a person who claims there wasn’t any warning that Biden was going to mentally collapse in office, just play that clip for them. The alarm bells were ringing long before the first vote was cast.


But I digress. What’s done is done, and now Kamala Harris has produced a word salad worthy of following that brilliant Biden performance. Sure, she doesn’t sound like someone dumped acid into her ears, but everything that is spoken in the clip I’m about to share with you is completely incoherent nonetheless.

Never has someone said so much without saying anything. Really, take the time to watch the entire clip, because it’s hard to put into words exactly how vapid that minute-and-a-half of her speaking is.

The reporter begins by asking a very basic question: If Putin has made up his mind to invade, as the Biden administration has asserted, then how can the threat of sanctions still pose a deterrent? Somehow, despite that being the most obvious issue at hand for days now (heck, I just wrote about it), Harris still showed up without doing her homework. Instead, she avoided the obvious contradiction, proclaiming the sanctions as “some of the greatest” ever devised, as if she were trying to sell a used car.


The completely perplexed reporter then followed up, desperately trying to elicit some answer regarding the elephant in the room. She asked again, how could Putin have made up his mind to invade but still be deterred by the administration’s sanctions? Harris soldiered on, tossing her word salad with all the skill of a world-class chef. Once again jumping over the glaring contradiction, the vice president began to talk about a diplomatic solution — even though her prior position absconded from the possibility of a diplomatic solution, ending with a proclamation that the “deterrence effect still has merit.” How so? She never actually got to that part.

Even down to her halting way of speaking, the entire clip is like watching a hung-over high-school student trying to talk about a book in class they obviously didn’t read. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how someone can constantly be this ill-prepared to do their job. What is Harris doing on those long plane rides? Does she not have an advisor preparing her for what’s coming? Or is she so arrogant that she believes she doesn’t even need to prep?

On the merits, I shouldn’t have to explain this to the supposedly smartest people in the room, but if the goal is to offer Putin a diplomatic off-ramp, the last thing you’d want to do is announce that an invasion is a foregone conclusion, thereby backing the Russian leader into a corner. What over-credentialed mediocrity came up with this strategy? It’s mind-blowing in its combination of incoherence and ineffectiveness.


Yet, here we are with Kamala Harris being sent to Europe in place of the president to try to defuse a possible world war, while Joe Biden heads to his home in Delaware again. The foreign policy of the most powerful nation in the world is currently being stewarded by a woman who can’t even take 10 minutes to game plan for an interview. It’s enough to make you question everything about this administration.



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