New York Enters Constitutional Crisis Territory After Schools Disobey Court Order on Mask Freedom

What is going on in New York? That’s currently the big question after reports of schools refusing entry to students without masks have emerged.

As RedState reported previously, a judge in New York struck down the state’s mask mandate, put in place by interim Gov. Kathy Hochul, making it illegal for schools to deny access to students who chose not to wear a mask. While that decision has been appealed, there is no stay in effect and the governor’s order is currently not law.


Still, some schools are attempting to enforce the mask mandate anyway, in violation of the court’s decision. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s office is receiving calls on the matter.

Meanwhile, to show how absurd all this is, here’s Hochul recently posing with school children. While they are forced to wear masks, all the adults, including the governor, are grinning with their faces free.

I hate to sound dramatic, but this is sick stuff. It is unconscionable for adults to abuse children like this as part of some ineffective, misguided attempt to protect other adults. Every single teacher in New York’s school system has had the chance to get vaccinated and boosted. All of them have the ability to wear an N95 if they so choose as well. Yet, instead of putting the onus on the teachers, children are continuing to be muzzled, even in the face of a court order.


Honestly, this is constitutional crisis territory. A judge has said the state’s mask-mandate is invalid. For schools to then attempt to enforce their own by abusing dress code provisions is dystopian. Could a school demand a child wear a burka? Or that a boy must wear a skirt? The idea that schools can violate a court order by backdooring everything as a dress code violation is asinine and tyrannical. It’s also scary just how far these left-wing officials are willing to go to keep their narrative rolling.

Masks have become a religion to the left. They ignore the data showing they don’t work, and now, in the face of a court telling them that parents have a legal right to decide, far-left school officials are ignoring the decision while trying to find loopholes to keep kids masked. It’s pathological at this point, and it’s long past time for parents to stand up and say enough is enough.

If you live in New York, that may mean your child doesn’t get to go to school right now, and I realize that’s a sacrifice, but until some number of parents decide to man the front lines, they are going to keep losing ground. Public school systems across the country have far overstepped their bounds, and they must be reined in. To let this stuff slide would invite any number of future abuses, and children do not deserve that, nor can they withstand it without more permanent damage. This gross, abusive adherence to the false religion of masks must stop.



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