Branch Covidians Are Running out of Kool-Aid


The anti-mandate rally in Washington, D.C., was heavily attended but was disrupted by protestors chanting “We Love Fauuuuuci.” A Covidian got out of her pedo-van to scream at people at the rally. The van had handprints all over it, like it was blessed by other Covidians in a sanctifying ritual – like a talisman on wheels to ward off the evil unmasked. The van was so on point for weirdness that I imagine the goons at Lincoln Project are searching for the owner to buy it, or at least use it at the next false-flag performance.


Anyway, Lady Covidian got out and started yelling at people. She recited her catechism to Fauci and launched into a string of insults. You’re a “white supremacist” if you object to authoritarian mandates. She concluded by telling people to “STOP INVADING OUR TERRITORY, GO THE F*** HOME!”.

She isn’t wrong in one respect – D.C. is considered “Covidian territory” by the Covidians. Pelosi still demands masks, even though it’s widely accepted that they have as much power to save you as a 12th-century talisman

On Monday, I walked my pooch past the playground where preschoolers play. More than half had masks on; all the teachers were distanced and masked, in the open air. A man walking his dog in the middle of a field was wearing a mask. No one was within 200 yards of anyone else. The only surprising thing — the dog wasn’t masked.

Also on Monday, I saw this.


Now, Bari Weiss is out of the cult. The former New York Times editor admitted that the left’s new religion is a false one.

No matter; believers in the mask and worshipers of the almighty Fauci will drink the Kool-Aid until it runs dry.


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