Ukraine's President Smacks Joe Biden — but Where's the Guy Behind Donald Trump's Impeachment?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden’s recent press conference is the gift that keeps on giving if you are a conservative commentator, and his remarks on Ukraine didn’t fail to deliver. As RedState reported, the president essentially green-lit a Russian invasion, noting that he wouldn’t respond as harshly if it were only a “minor incursion.”


As per usual, Jen Psaki and company rushed to try to clean up his mess, and there were several made yesterday that she had to deal with this morning. But far short of a logical explanation, we are now being presented with outright lies about what Biden said.

For his part, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, isn’t buying them. He jabbed at Joe Biden this morning in a way you don’t often see from lesser allies.

I won’t go so far as to suggest Biden has made a deal with Putin to allow him to take just a small bite of Ukraine, but Biden’s remarks felt awfully similar to the passiveness shown by Barack Obama that led to Russia taking over the Crimea region. But clearly, no matter what is behind Biden’s “minor incursion” commentary, Zelensky is not amused. He’s got a country to protect, after all, and there’s no excuse for the United States to be enabling Russia to lash out “just enough” to not bring down the hammer.

What happened to all that care for Ukraine that existed during the Trump administration? One would be forgiven for believing that the foreign policy establishment’s machinations were all for show, and there is no larger piece of evidence suggesting that than Alexander Vindman’s silence.


You’ll likely remember Vindman as the driving force behind Donald Trump’s first impeachment. The doughy Army Colonel put on a show for Congress and almost certainly was the illegal leaker that kicked the whole thing off. In the midst of his theatrics, he kept insisting that he was doing what he was doing because he feared for the well-being of Ukraine. Yet, here we are, with Russia about to invade, and Vindman has nothing to say about Joe Biden?

I checked his Twitter feed to see his reaction, but as of this writing, he hasn’t even commented at all on Biden’s remarks. In fact, the only thing he has tweeted is a joke about his home decor.

So, the highly principled guy who couldn’t shut up about the threat to Ukraine under Donald Trump and wrote a book called “Here, Right Matters” suddenly has nothing to say about Joe Biden welcoming Putin to take another piece of his home country? How very, very odd, right? It’s almost as if Vindman was always a partisan flack who had no business working in the Trump White House and that our foreign policy establishment isn’t filled with ultra-principled freedom fighters.

By the way, to further show his selectiveness, Vindman did manage to take a shot at Ukraine’s president minutes before Biden spoke for…projecting too much confidence?



But when it comes to Biden, he can’t pull out his phone to muster even one complaint?

Regardless, the reality is that Russia didn’t try to invade Ukraine under Trump. So, for all the bleating Vindman did previously, Ukraine is now under a far graver threat thanks to the lack of leadership of Joe Biden. Why isn’t Vindman throwing down on cable news, levying harsh criticism of the White House? We all know the answer to that.


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