A Gross Attack on Ron DeSantis' Wife Sparks a Debate Over COVID Testing

Executive Office of the Governor, State of Florida

When it comes to attacking Republicans, nothing is off-limits, and aside from perhaps Donald Trump, no one has been targeted more of the last two years than Ron DeSantis. The successful and popular Florida governor has largely become public enemy number one for the left, due to his ability to thoroughly own the media while flaunting their chosen policies.


Yet, the latest attack on DeSantis feels like a bridge too far, even in the rough and tumble world of politics. It all began with a relatively mundane post from Christian Pushaw, who serves as DeSantis’ press secretary.

Now, any normal person who saw the governor’s comments knew he was talking about common, largely harmless transmissible diseases such as the flu. With the emergence of Omicron, that is exactly the category the coronavirus falls under as well. A person who is presenting no symptoms should not be testing for COVID, anymore than an asymptomatic person should be taking a flu test. To do so is asinine.

Yet, a herd of absolute hacks descended on Pushaw’s post anyway, and they did so by going after DeSantis’ wife, who is currently battling cancer.

This shouldn’t have to be explained, but there is a massive difference between specifically at-risk adults (i.e. middle-aged women) getting once-a-year mammograms and vaccinated individuals randomly testing multiple times a month for COVID-19 despite having no symptoms. To use Casey DeSantis’ cancer as a political talking point is as misleading as it is gross.


Yet, the attack on the DeSantis family sparked a debate on testing, exposing the absolute insanity by which many on the left operate. And make no mistake, Frank Luntz, to the extent that he is anything but a really unimpressive gun-for-hire, is a man of the left. A combination of Donald Trump and COVID have completely broken him over the last several years.

Anyone that is still insisting mass testing will somehow contain COVID-19 spikes is living in a fantasy world. It is too transmissible and is also airborne. No amount of testing and isolation was ever going to stop its spread, a lesson the world learned long ago — whether most countries want to accept it or not. Yet, the left, so desperate to maintain some semblance of control, continues to maintain that we just need more testing when in reality, we need less testing.

For example, asymptomatic people are testing positive and clogging up ERs when they should just be living their lives. That’s a result of the unnecessary mass “testing culture” that has been fostered over the last two years.


The testing obsession is also a window into the left’s collective desire to have a partisan foil when it comes to COVID-19. They want a group of people to blame for a virus that ultimately can’t be controlled. That’s what vaccine passports, mask mandates, and these overblown testing regimes are all about. It drives Democrats nuts that everyone spreads COVID because all they want is to be able to continue to separate people as clean and unclean.

Regardless, using Casey DeSantis’ cancer as a way to lodge a political attack is way over the line, and it illustrates the level of viciousness pointed at Ron DeSantis because he refused to fall in line.


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