Joe Biden Has Destroyed Another Great American Institution

Brandy Baker

It’s days like this that I dread being a writer that covers current events. You wake up every day hoping for good news, and instead, gut-punches like this await.


I regret to inform you that Joe Biden has destroyed another American institution. The classic Little Caesars $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza is, and you might want to sit down for this, no longer $5. Yes, those respectable parents who just want to feed their kids subpar pizza on the cheap will, unfortunately, have to find another path forward, while church youth groups and little league teams everywhere are left to suffer.

Can we even call ourselves a country after this?

The pizza chain Little Caesars is bumping the price of its famous Hot-N-Ready pizza above $5 for the first time in a quarter-century, according to reports.

The price of the promotional pie, which was first introduced in 1997 through advertising shaker boards, is increasing by 11% to cost $5.55…

…Little Caesars CEO Dave Scrivano said the increased price is meant to balance rising labor and commodities costs, as the price of pepperoni has soared by more than 50% over the pandemic.

Little Caesars hasn’t had to adjust the price of its $5 pizza in a quarter-century. For decades, the nation’s economy was stable enough, and inflation under control enough, that mediocre pizza remained available to everyone. Only under Joe Biden’s leadership did the business environment become so toxic that Little Caesars was forced to raise the price of the Hot-N-Ready by 11 percent.


But I’m assured this is all a coincidence and that the president actually has nothing to do with the current inflation spike that the country is suffering under. From the debt-busting $2T COVID “rescue plan” to the supply chain crisis that has caused raw materials shortages, we are all supposed to believe that Biden is just an innocent bystander. Darn the luck that this once in a multi-generation inflationary boom just so happened to occur under his presidency, and not because of anything he did.

Of course, we all know that’s nonsense, and Little Caesars is hardly the only example. A few months ago, Dollar Tree, which had priced everything at $1 since its inception, announced that it was going to have to raise prices as well. Biden is ripping away everything Americans hold dear. You hate to see it.

It didn’t have to be this way. The country could have decisively elected a president who isn’t a tree stump. Instead, a supposed majority of Americans looked at the senile husk that is Joe Biden and thought “I’m sure this will work out just fine.” Well, it’s not working out just fine. It’s not working out at all.


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