Did God Just Throw a Wrench in the Democrats' Gaudy January 6th Plans?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

OK, before you freak out, I’m not suggesting that God actually intervened here in order to spite Democrats. I mean, maybe he did, but I’m not saying it. Rather, I’m just saying that as a Christian who believes God set the weather system in motion, that he’s kind of indirectly responsible for this.


If you haven’t checked the weather recently in Washington DC, the nation’s capital is currently getting a healthy dose of snow. Some places have already gotten 6 inches, and there’s more coming as the day drags on. Why is that relevant? Because if you’ve ever lived there (I did for about three years, including during 2016’s snowmageddon), you know that the slightest bit of snow shuts down that city for days on end.

Here’s what it looked like this morning.

That’s a lot more than just a dusting, and it’s not just the initial snowfall that causes problems. With it getting into the 40s tomorrow, freezing again overnight, and then Wednesday being overcast with more snow and freezing temperatures on Thursday, that means the roads are going to be an icy mess. It’s very likely the federal government will shut down for the rest of the week.

So why do I care so much about the weather in DC? Because this snowfall could throw a big wrench into the Democrat plan to “commemorate” January 6th at the Capitol Building. As RedState has reported, multiple events are planned with CNN hosting. Those include a speech by the President of the United States.


Will all that happen if no one can drive to get to the Capitol? No doubt, CNN will do in-studio coverage regardless, but some of the politicians who were set to speak could be stuck doing Zoom hits instead of getting their visual on the Capitol steps. Further, it won’t be much of a commemoration if no one else can even show up for the live event. Lastly, if the next bout of snow arrives even a few hours earlier on Thursday than expected (currently forecast for the afternoon), it could disrupt things even more.

I know others think January 6th was like 9/11 on steroids, but I find this entire thing incredibly humorous. The first major snowfall of the year just so happens to cause major headaches for Democrats as they hope to make political hay? You love to see it.


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