The Media's January 6th Obsession Is About to Get a Heck of a Lot Weirder

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We are still about a week out from January 6th, 2022, but members of the press are already salivating at the opportunity to pump up the supposed “insurrection” that wasn’t earlier this year.


USA Today has already put out a piece lamenting the rise of “domestic terrorism,” plugging the coming “anniversary” as a monumental event.

The problem remains that there was precious little domestic terrorism on January 6th. No deadly weapons were used, there was no actual plan, and most of the people that entered the open doors of the Capitol that day were as confused as anyone else. Surveillance footage that the government attempted to keep hidden has given us an eye into what actually happened that day. That doesn’t mean no one did anything objectionable that day. Of course, some people crossed legal lines, just as lines were crossed during the 2020 George Floyd riots. That doesn’t mean it qualifies as a “coup,” though.

But even if you want to be a hysteric who believes our “democracy” was on the brink of collapse because some unarmed morons in costumes walked around the Rotunda and drank Nancy Pelosi’s beer, exactly what has happened since to support this idea that there’s a “rise” in domestic terrorism? Remember all those days the FBI kept assuring us there was going to be another attack? Yeah, nothing ever happened, which shows how well they can predict matters when they don’t have their own informants working to foment things.


Of course, while USA Today’s article was tortured, it’s nothing compared to what CNN has planned. Yes, the media’s obsession with January 6th is about to get a heck of a lot weirder.

CNN is plugging January 6th like it’s some big rock festival. It’s incredibly forced, and it leads to the obvious question: Why is this even a thing?

Really, why are we marking the anniversary of what was, at worst, a three-hour riot in which the only person killed was a Trump supporter shot by a police officer who was never charged? Why didn’t CNN hold an event to mark the anniversary of the George Floyd riots, where multiple people were murdered and billions in damage were done? Why didn’t they commemorate the Congressional baseball shooting, where a member of the House was almost killed?

But we all know the answer to why this is a thing. CNN sees January 6th as a political weapon to wield against Republicans going into 2022. They quite literally have nothing else left. Joe Biden has surrendered on COVID, inflation is here to stay, and US foreign policy is in shambles. It’s January 6th or bust for these partisans. Thus, they’ll hold this cringe spectacle where they will try to pretend the nation was on the verge of collapse because of some guy wearing horns.


Meanwhile, Jake Tapper, who is set to host the event, has yet to comment on one of his producers getting busted for being a pedophile. Clearly, CNN has its priorities straight, right?


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