The Chicago Teachers' Union Is Looking to Blow up the Lives of Children Again

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If you have a child in a Chicago public school, you might want to start making alternative plans. According to Corey DeAngelis, who has been at the forefront of exposing corruption within teachers’ unions, the CPS teacher’s union is polling its members on not only returning to remote learning full-time but also in participating in a work stoppage.


Who could have seen this coming except everyone who has been paying attention?

That any of those things are even on the table is extremely disturbing, especially given what children have been put through already to this point. Besides, the data does not at all support the need for any new lockdown measures.

For example, we know without a shadow of a doubt that Omicron is not dangerous to children in any statistically significant way, just as the prior variants weren’t either. We also know that teachers themselves have had every opportunity to get vaccinated over the last year, and even if they aren’t, the numbers show Omicron is extremely mild for adults. In fact, while this new variant has been identified for well over a month (and was clearly spreading before that), you can still count the number of reported deaths from it on one hand.

Yet, these big city teachers’ unions are looking for their next free ride anyway, contrary to many districts around the country that have actually done things right (my local district went back in August of 2020). Never has a more entitled, selfish group of people existed, at least within the confines of our modern, contemporary society. It’s to the point where these moves come across as parody. People couldn’t possibly be this shameless, right? But they are, and they are proud of it.


Nearly every employee across the country went back to work over a year ago. Essential workers never stopped working. But teachers across the country got the entire 2020 school year off and in liberal bastions like Chicago, they are hoping to take another bite of the apple. It’s insane.

But it’s also well-deserved. These blue cities have empowered these unions for political gain for decades, using them to help win elections. Now, those chickens are coming home to roost and they have no one to blame but themselves. No doubt, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will oppose any future work stoppage, but she’s already handed the keys to the car to people who couldn’t care less about the harm they are doing to children.

In short, this stuff will not stop until voters make it stop. That means electing leaders that are willing to stand up to these unions the way Gov. Ron DeSantis did in Florida. We are talking about Chicago, though, so you can expect the pain to continue, and if you live in that city and are of sound mind, it might be time to develop an exit strategy.


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